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Kahr PM9 9mm in a front pants pocket rig,

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or in bad weather, a coat pocket rig. Eliminates all the problems and worries and discomforts, and if you load it right, it has plenty of power. The "hand in pocket" draw is easily twice as fast as any other realistic ccw draw. With the shirt over the gun, or a fastened coat, there's lots of room for fumbling, bad grips on the gun, snagging, etc. Other types of carry are a hassle. You've got lots of practice at sticking your hand in your pocket, whether you realize it or not. The 380's and lesser loads have half the power of a good 9mm load. There's no reason to settle for such pantywaist loads.
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There is a lot of truth in your post - I have been a big fan of front pocket holster carry for years.
However, other methods certainly have their place as well, and you're not going to make any friends here using a phrase like "pantywaist loads".
Please feel free to express your opinions here, but try to be a bit more diplomatic, ok?

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Gets me when ''he'' talks about his carry piece and he ain't even permitted to own firearms!! I guess BS talk is a substitute! :rolleyes:
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