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Kel Tec P11: NEED HELP!

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Okay, I'm in north Florida for the next couple of days before heading home to Miami to finish off my summer vacation. My Father in Law has this Kel-Tec P11 that is filthy and bone dry. I need to field strip it and clean and lube it. CAN'T GET THE DURN THING APART! Any help in a clear cut set of instructions on a basic field strip would be greatly appreciated! I see the slide stop on the left side. I see that when the slide is locked to the rear, there is another notch on the left side just ahead of the slide stop notch. NOTHING that is in that area will move when the slide is to the rear! So I need some hints to leave the "Old Man" with a firearm in good working order and ready to go.

And NO I don't have a manual and I can't download a manual. This 83 year old guy is still on a dialup connection and using an ANCIENT computer.
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If all you're doing is field stripping the gun, you don't need any tools, but an empty 9mm case will come in handy...

Lock the slide back
Remove Magazine
Verify chamber is empty
Remove take down pin immediatly in front of the slide lock
(Note: the pin is designed to pryed out using a 9mm case rim)
Hold the slide, release the slide lock, and push the slide off of the front of the frame.
Remove the guide rod, recoil springs, and barrel, and it's 'field stripped'.

-warning- if you continue removing pins and parts from this point, small springs can (WILL) jump out.

I _highly_ recommend a light coat of good gun grease (not oil) on the rails and hammer/slide interface.
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Glad it helped, I'm quite happy with my P11. For an inexpensive, reliable, lightweight 9mm, I've not found anything better. I _Love_ the rohrbaugh R9, but the price of that thing!

Oh, and thank your father-in-law for his service for me :)
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