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Kimber Ultra Questions

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Okay, so my Dad hurt his shoulder while crashing my motorcycle, and he had to have surgery to have a few pins put in. While he was recovering he let me borrow his new Kimber Tactical Ultra II to break-in. I love the gun, its shoots well and carries well too. Well he pretty much recovered from surgery now and will probably want his gun back soon. So I will have to break down and buy my own Kimber Ultra. My questions is why is the Kimber Ultra Carry in Blue so much cheaper than all the other Ultra Models. Here in NC its around $700 and the Tactical is around $940. The only thing that I can think of is that the Tactical has the night sites and the magazine well and nice checkering.

If you were going to buy a 3" .45 which one would you buy and why?
Pictures are nice too, I just love looking at guns. :D

PS-The tactical has the external extractor and it works just fine. All I had to do was break it in
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If I were going to get a 3' 1911 I would get a Kimber Ultra CDP II(w/ INTERNAL EXTRACTOR).Then I would make sure that I had 6 mags for the weapon. Kimber (SS) mags will do as long as you change out the "guts" to the Wilson brand. Then sculpt the feed lips so they are a very smooth 45deg. angle to the bullet case(brass). Then find some thin mag base pads to put on your mags. (If I had it to do again I'd just buy 6 Wilson mags with the great "guts" and the pads already installed)Also do the same to the leading edge of the mags. You can do this with a Dremmel tool and some fairly fine polishing compound on a felt wheel. Use this method to polish the feed ramp and the chamber. Same for the slide rails and the top rails of the frame. Now put 300 or so rounds through it. The cheap stuff will do. Then start "testing" ammo til you settle on a carry ammo. Buy a bunch of it(a case) and your ready to bet your life on your weapon. Hey,wait,I've already done that. Anyway,you asked. ---------

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At a gunshow a couple of weeks ago,I got to "fondle" one of them little Colt's. Don't know what they weigh but my Kimber weights 28oz. I wanted the less weight weapon for ease of carry.I initially carried a full size Colt 1911 and when I was ready to switch I wanted something as light as possible. Don't let any of the gun "guru's" try to convince you that the 3" 1911's wont shoot or are not reliable. If you give them a little TLC and a little fluffin' and buffin' they surely are. Good luck on your "qwest" for YOUR perfect gun.

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Kimber Ultra Carry II

WOW. I recently purchased one of these and can't say enough about it. At the same time, my brother in law purchased the CDPII. So, at deer camp, we compared them. He wasn't too happy after, because the differences were minimal other than appearance. And his CDP II is pretty. The differences include:
checkering on the front strap
slightly rounded edges
the stainless slide
different trigger (although pull when firing was no different)
I liked the all black of the ultra carry for concealment, and it comes with kimber night sights. They both shot exceptionally well, with no real differences. I have put about 300 rounds through mine, and not one issue. NO FTE, FTF, and with accuracy I didn't expect out of that short barrel. I carry mine in a shoulder holster (cocked and locked of course), and it is very comfortable. I will be hard for me to carry any of my other guns!
I may install some Pachmayr ALS grips, to give it a personalized touch, but I am undecided.

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Some have reported problems with the 3" barrel guns. I decided on a 4" coomander from the feedback from several sources. Seems ya either get 1 that works or 1 that doesn't. My friends Colt defender is a nice reliable gun and I considered a Ultra Carry. The warranty swayed me to Springfield Armory.

Ddin't know it was legal to lend someone a handgun either.

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My experance with the ultra!

I have an Ultra CDP II currently but have done massive changes to it that fit's me better which is much closer to the Ultra carry now. I bought it used because I wanted the internal extractor and the CDP was the only one I could find at the time.

I would caution you against the UCDP or the Tactical Ultra for several reasons.

To start I would highly recommend that you find one that has the internal extractor! Kimber's external design was/is a poor choice in the less than 5" models. Kimber has had way to much problems with them, have gone through 3 different extractor designs and have all but given up on the Ex and are now starting to work the line back to the internal design that should have never been changed in the first place. Ex owners that have sent their gun in for warranty work for extraction problems are being sent gun's back fitted with a new internal slide altogether.

Why not the CDP or the Tactical?

Because there is a lot of unnecessary fluff on those models, just as you said in your post there is not that much of a difference in them and Kimber throw's the "CUSTOM SHOP" roll mark on the slide and charges the consumer 250.00 - 300.00 more for the gun.

The CDP's black frame does not have a durable finish and is easily marked up and will show the bare aluminum. The ambi safety is unnecessary for carry, the fat custom rosewood grip's are not practical for a carry piece. The CDP does have the melted slide but is the wrong gun to buy for carry IMO.

The Tactical is in the same category as the CDP, although they look cool and pretty there is no carry advantage to them, in fact there is more of a carry disadvantage with them.

Black Ultra Carry! nice gun but not a durable finish for carry, if you want the black and you don't care about the finish rubbing off in the area's of the slide that will rub the inside of the holster. Also just by use the finish will wear/fade in area's touched multiple times.

Best Choice,

The Ultra Carry in stainless steel internal extractor! to me is the right gun for carry in the 3" Kimber, it's light at 23oz empty, durable finish in stainless, no magwell for better concelability, night sites if you want and I can't see why you wouldn't for a carry piece. No ambi safety to get in the way of carry, and the price is right.

What I did to my UCDP! Like I said I bought it slightly used for the internal extractor @ $700.00 I couldn't find an internal SS-UC, took it home shot 500 rounds through it had perfect extraction but some FTF issues. The gun came with Wilson mag's as well as the Kimber. I ordered Tripp Cobra mag's to try and help the problem due to the Cobra mag angles the round slightly upwards aiding it into the barrel chamber. This still did not help with Feeding 1 out of every two mags would stick to the feed ramp. I then took it to my local smith (Otto Matyska) it also helps to have a smith like him close to you. While it was there I kept adding to it as the week's went by.


I had Otto due a reliability tune, check the barrel alignment, and do a trigger job to 3 1/4 # pull.

After thinking about it while waiting I decided to change a lot more with the gun to make it what I really wanted. I then changed the following,

1) Changed out all MIM small part's.

2) Changed the plastic MSH to an Ed Brown MSH made from bar stock.

3) Brown single sided thumb safety, slide stop and mag release.

4) Replaced the FP to a Brown allowing the Series II Schwartz FPS to be eliminated.

5) Wolff springs throughout.

6) Added Slimline Aluma Grips.

7) Changed the extractor to a Brown and tuned to the gun.

8) Hard Chromed the Frame, internals and mag's.

I stayed with the Meprolight night sites because I like them and didn't see a need to change them.

I just got my gun back on Nov 18th and have shot it a few times with about 500 rounds through it and it's now 100% reliable.

Reason why I am telling you all of this is because I should have waited for an Ultra Carry in stainless with an internal-ex and night sites, done a reliability tune, 3 1/4 # trigger job, changed the FP, and new MSH, Wolff springs, Aluma Grips and called it good. MIM parts don't bother me that much but thought I would go all out the first time with my CDP. Doing the UC-SS would have saved me approximately $600.00, but I didn't know I wanted to change all what I did at the time.

You may not be like me and need to change things as I do/did, I want a reliable gun for carry and if I can make changes to make it better then I will, the big names do not offer a 3" model, a custom would have been more practical to do but as I said if I could have read the future I would have done that instead.

Sorry so long but I wanted to save you from a potential mistake, it could be that the CDP or Tactical could be for you, but maybe not either. I hope my experience with them can guide you in your decision process with a little more knowledge with them.


Oh, I would love to post a pic of the finished product, but my camera has taken a dive on the concrete sending it to repair. I would love to change out all the plastic and MIM part's on that too. :biggrin: I will post a pic as I bought the gun the day I picked it up, look's nothing like it today.

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I have an old Ultra CDP (no firing pin safety; definitely the internal extractor), and an even older Ultra (the barrel is all polished & cone-shaped; the CDP has the top portion of the barrel "hogged out" behind the very muzzle portion).

I use McCormick mags, in which I swapped Wilson plastic followers (to avoid the steel followers scratching the alloy frame).

Over the past couple thousand rounds, zero problems, and 100% satisfaction with thes li'l guns! Just swap the recoil springs at about the 800 round mark.

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:biggrin: I Have the Defender in 3inch STS.....the Pro CDP II..............and a few others in the 1911 Clan......
The defender and CDP (ultra or Pro) are great choices.....the Eclipse and Ultra Carry Kimbers are a great choice too :biggrin:

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HV et al: I bought my first Kimber, a Classic Custom, in 1996. Paid $600. Amazing trigger, much better out-the-box than the Colt 1991 A1 I'd put $500. into aftermarket, which gun Clark worked over into their "meltdown" configuration, which is to me the ultimate disposition for a concealed carry 1911. Fast forward a few years to the introduction of the Kimber CDP package: paid $850. at a gun show in San Antonio for a Pro CDP. Said gun has NEVER malfunctioned in any way, given use of tuned mags, these being old stainless Pachmyers with round-top followers and new (every 2 years) Wolf springs. I have owned 7 Kimbers, including some Clackamas early models, and for my money they are the best production 1911s on the planet, granted, as with any 1911, you do your part as to clean, lube, etc. The Pro CDP and Ultra CDP (internal extractors) I will bet my life on, as far as it goes. Best with HydroShocks 230 gn., in my opinion. I kill wild boar with these loads, though it takes 2-3 rounds to be sure, head shots. Accuracy is better than I can hold at 25 yds., and I've never had to adjust sights (except an early Kimber needed front sight filing). New guns come on the market almost daily, but these will last me the rest of my natural lifetime: no need to look further. Also no need to look further than the .45 ACP for defense round. Thank you Mr. Browning!
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