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Kimber Ultra Tactical II Range Report with Pics

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A new kimber has joined my family. Its the Ultra Tactical II, its the one with the alloy frame and the fixed night sights. It works great as a carry gun. I shot it in IDPA a few weeks ago and it was very accurate for a 3" barrel. I know I have been slack about taking pics and posting, sorry about that. The magwell makes changed very easy. If anyone is looking for a 3" 1911 this one would be the way to go in my opinion. It has every option except for around $1000. The only thing I added was the extended slide release. The checking feels great.

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Yet another beaut' beavertail - nice piece Dingle. Just a shade smaller than my P12.45 but similar proportions I think.

Bruce is gonna come by droolin' on these last 2 posts of yours LOL!
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