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2843 5 has links to laws on knives in the 50 states. I think it will assist members of Combat Carry and also benefit At the top of the main page at just put your mouse pointer over “Knife Law Links” and 7 links appear to different web sites and our own listing of the different states laws on Knives.

Knife laws are written very gray if at all and it is very difficult to find info on the states different laws. We hope can help you find the answers you are seeking. We also would appreciate any assistance you could give us in making the data as accurate as possible. So if you know of a good link or see something in our listing that needs corrected contact us. We are there to help those who wish to stay within the laws and defend themselves and their families against the criminal element.
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Must go take a peek Gary - thx. It is and always has been IMO a very grey zone.

I'll try and give any feedback later when I can, if relevant.

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I am not sure that there is enough information available to make this worthwhile. What I mean is; unless a state has knife preemption laws similar to firearms preemption laws, then every local government passes different restrictions. That is the case in Michigan. Some local governments prohibit carry of any knife, while others allow only Boyscouts to carry a knife; some do not regulate knives at all. Even the state laws vary depending on the age of someone, and location (schools) where a person may possess a knife. The same knife may be considered a weapon in one case, and not a weapon in a different case.

The other factor is whether the intent of the carrier is to use the knife for illegal purposes, or for use as a weapon; size of the blade becomes an issue based on intent.

Obtaining all of this information will be nearly impossible, and even if it is obtained and made available, it will be too much to deal with (information overload).

I suppose the phrase "Concealed means Concealed" applies to knives even more so than to firearms; keep it hidden until you need to use it for a lawful purpose, and don't brandish your knife when you do use it.
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