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Knives of Alaska Folders

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Probably best know as manufactures of quality field/hunting knives, my Knives of Alaska Presentation Series Stag Folder is one of my favorites, which I use frequently as my every day carry. Although not considered a tactical knife by any stretch, this is, I believe, one serious knife. A VG-10 steel blade surrounded by a beautiful piece of Stag- I fell in love with this the first time I saw it. Being a bit on the pricey side for what I was accustomed to spending and not wanting to seem impulsive, I initially passed on it. On my way home, however, I knew I had made a mistake- so much so, in fact, I went back to the show the next day, and made it my own. Is anyone else into Knives of Alaska?
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Well I wasn't into them but hey - sure gonna check their stuff out - looks very nice.
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