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Know what I'm going to do at 3:00?

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I couldn't decide where this should be posted, it's kinda about guns and kinda about shooting, but good news either way.

I'm takin' a friend to the indoor range to shoot another friend's P226. If he likes it, he's gonna buy it.

I am pleased to say that I got the seller interested in shooting and he joined the range and I got the buyer interested in shooting and he joined the range even before he had a gun to shoot.

And it will give me an opportunity to decide which gun I want as my carry gun. I'm taking my USP, P2000, and Sig 229R DAK. I'm gonna shoot'em all and decide which one's the best for me.

I'll be glad to have this over with, I've been trying to decide on the right gun for years. :wink: It's kinda like which flavor of ice cream is best, sometimes you just have to keep tasting! :biggrin:
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I had a great time at the indoor range yesterday and shot 300 rounds in an effort to determine which of three guns is best for me and I have arrived at a definite conclusion. But to find out what I found, you’ll have to read an outrageously long post entitled, “A Tale of Three Guns - …”.
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