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Kramer Horsehide Belt Scabbard, 1911 Commander

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This came today. I love a good piece of leather and this Kramer sure fits the bill. My Colt Commander rides very well in it too. Here's a few pics. Gun Handgun holster Firearm Trigger Revolver
Handgun holster Revolver Still life Gun accessory
Handgun holster Airsoft Gun accessory Revolver Recreation

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You can normally go with thinner cuts with horse hide and in turn get much more definition of the gun, (Like in this picture)

Nice rig, you should get a long service life from that holster

I have always liked the Kramer holsters.
I wish I could find a reliable suppler for horse hide.
Kramer does some nice work.
V nice holster. I get my horsehide from Springfield Leather BTW.
Been wearing this pretty much every day now for a couple of weeks. Can't beat it for comfort and for bringing the butt of the gun in tight. I have a Sparks SS II for this gun, but this Kramer Belt Scabbard conceals the pistol very well, with a Wilderness 5-stitch belt it works just about as good. I'm pleased with it.

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