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Happy “4th of July” to all and “Thank You” for all your assistance over the years. is what it is because people just like you give me a heads up on changes in the laws of their states. I couldn’t do this by myself. Sorry for the long post but I believed everything needed stated. Gary Slider

July 1st brings many changes in Kansas and Mississippi plus other smaller changes in other states. Kansas July 1 will honor all other states. All State, County and City Buildings can get an exemption and have up to 5 years to install Medal detectors and have all entrances covered or they can no longer ban carry in those buildings. No Longer is any area outside a State, County or City building off limits. Kansas law also points out that a CCL holder if they do walk past a No Gun Sign have to be ask to leave first before they are in violation of any law.

Mississippi new law allows open carry. A judge has put a hold on that law so until they have another hearing Open Carry will not be legal in Mississippi beginning Monday. I do not believe the stay on the new law will not last long. will be updated with many new changes because of law changes in Kansas and Mississippi plus other smaller changes in a few other states late Sunday evening 6/30/31.

Things have changed radically over the last 8 to 10 years. More states honor other states permit/licenses than ever before and it is getting better all the time. Here are some of the numbers!

3 states allow anyone who can legally own a firearm and is 21 to carry it concealed without any type of permit/license. AZ, AK & VT

1 state just allows its residents to carry concealed without any type of permit/license. WY

1 state allows those from the states of Arizona, Alaska, Wyoming and Vermont to carry on just their state issued Drivers License/State ID. Those 4 states have permitless carry and the State of Oklahoma allows those states residents to carry without a permit/license in Oklahoma since their state allows them to carry without any type of permit/license. Those from all other states must have any valid permit/license to carry in Oklahoma.

13 states honor all other states permit/licenses. ID, IN, IA, KS, KY, MI, MS, MO, NC, OK, SD, TN & UT.
2 More states will join the list of states that honor all other states permit/licenses in the next 6 weeks. AR & AL.
That means a Grand Total of 18 states will honor all other states permit/licenses by the end of Aug 2013 or allow permitless carry.

Many states honor 20, 30 and a couple honor more than 40 other states permit/license.
Only 10 states plus DC, NYC and the U.S. Possessions do not honor any other states permit/license. CA, CT, HI, IL, MD, MA, NJ, NY, NYC, OR, RI, DC, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico. Of the states on this list CT though a May Issue state issues like a Shall Issue State. Some counties in CA and NY will issue to anyone who meets the criteria and OR is Shall Issue.

Illinois will join the Issue states in the coming months. The bill on the Governor’s desk and is Shall Issue. Though they will not honor any other states permit/license the bill does allow for non-resident permit/licenses. The Governor has not signed or vetoed the bill at the time of this posting.

Excluding Illinois as described above only DC, American Samoa and the Northern Marianas do not issue permit/licenses to carry. Some don’t realize that residents of the “American Possessions” are U.S. Citizens.

Below is a chart showing how many states that state will honor. “CC” stands for Constitutional Carry + they honor all. “All” means they honor all other states. A number represents how many states they officially honor. You can view the complete chart at the link below. This chart is from Page 2 of the document. The first page lists states and who honors them. The second page lists the states and who they honor.

# State

23 Alabama
CC Alaska
CC Arizona
38 Arkansas
0 California
30 Colorado
0 Connecticut
18 Delaware
0 DC
33 Florida
0 Guam
27 Georgia
0 Hawaii
All Idaho
0 Illinois
All Indiana
All Iowa
All Kansas
All Kentucky
36 Louisiana
8 Maine
0 Maryland
0 Massachusetts
All Michigan
15 Minnesota
All Mississippi
All Missouri
41 Montana
35 Nebraska
15 Nevada
22 New Hampshire
0 New Jersey
23 New Mexico
0 New York
0 New York City
All North Carolina
36 North Dakota
23 Ohio
All Oklahoma
0 Oregon
28 Pennsylvania
0 Puerto Rico
0 Rhode Island
18 South Carolina
All South Dakota
All Tennessee
41 Texas
All Utah
CC Vermont
0 US Virgin Islands
29 Virginia
11 Washington
24 West Virginia
33 Wisconsin
34 Wyoming

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Thank you for the kind words. They are very much appreciated. As for being frustrating not as much as you think. First I really enjoy what I do. If I didn't I don't think I could do it. Second I get to talk to some very interesting people. Again Thank you for the kind words.
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