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Howdy folks.

I'm new here, but thought I'd offer some insight into my holster selections in case anyone was looking for some all kydex options.

I run my G19 in a LAG Tactical Defender IWB/OWB holster.

This holster can be configured for IWB or OWB and allows for cant customization. The holes the clips screw into are 1" apart and each clip has 2 screw holes that are 1/2" apart for cant adjustments.

When you order the holster, they ask for your sex, waist size and carry position. They contour the kydex to properly hug the body.

The Defender carries great for a double clip option. I ordered for my G19 first as I could use the same holster for my G26 as well, albeit with a bit of empty kydex at the end of the muzzle due to a shorter barrel.

The holster itself is fantastic quality with not a sharp edge anywhere on it. Everything is greatly buffed and sanded down. This thing was definitely made with some TLC. I can make the G19 disappear under a t-shirt with it, although I have to be "mindful" when printing. Any type of button down, and it simply disappears. It comes with a sweat shield option as well as the outer lips of the kydex are slightly flared out, allowing for safe and easy reholstering.

My G26 I carry in a LAG Tactical Ambidextrous Liberator.

I opted for the ambidextrous one in case I wanted to put the clip and screws on the opposite side to carry my G26 weak side with my G19 strong side.

Much like the G19, finely crafted and smooth all around. I actually quite like this one for the subcompact as I find it easier to "forget it's there" than the Defender. That's not to say that the Defender isn't comfortable, cause it definitely us. But it is a bigger holster fitted for a bigger gun so naturally, you notice it more.

If you don't need the ambidextrous holster, they offer the regular Liberator which has the screw holes and clip only mountable on the side of your choosing as well as having a full sweat shield.

The pic shows both holsters next to each other. You can see the cant optimization I have it set to, and it really allows you some freedom in regard to the cant and ride height of your carry.

I find the Liberator carries better in straight up and down configuration. It can be canted, but the ride height isn't able to get as low as on the Defender and I find my love handles cause the Liberator to print like crazy when canted (damn love handles, working on it), so for now I have it set to straight up and down which allows it to ride right along my waistline below the muffin top.

The Defender I've worn every day for a month now, the Liberator just arrived yesterday. That said, I already love the Liberator for my subcompact and find it very easy to forget about it when it's on. Of course, YMMV.

Both holsters allow for retention adjustment via the screw in place just below the trigger guard.

When I get home and have more time, I'd be happy to provide more photos and with better closer detail to anyone that may be interested.

Thanks for reading!

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