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LaserMax - I had to buy one..........

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My Opinion.
The price was right on a "minty" used internal one.
I bought it for my Glock 36.
To be honest with you'all I just bought it to goof around with it.
I love new neat toys. :biggrin:
I was always not too keen on getting one BECAUSE I do not usually like the idear of replacing critical factory parts with ANY after-market stuff but, for half of retail I jumped on it.
I do hafta admit that the internal Lasermax for the GLOKERS is extremely high quality. The few parts that you'll need to change over are every bit as good or better than factory Glock.
It took me about 10 minutes to install it & only that long because I was being extra careful not to get finger oils on those little tiny batteries.
So far...I've only checked it out indoors but, since I know exactly where this Glock "hits" I can say that the bright "Pulsing Red Dot" is "dead-on" right where it should be out at 35' ~ without any adjustment.
Since I have been an instinctive "point shooter" for years & I've grown to trust the fact that I'm going to hit right where I'm looking out to 20..25'
I've found that in my recent indoor Draw/Fire practice the laser actually slows me up big the act of putting it on & then "brain~registering" the dot.
That's something that I didn't plan on & I'm not very happy about that.
SO...what I decided to do...IS
Function "test shoot" the pistol & if I have absolutely no function related pistol problems then just leave it installed but, not use it unless I have a (remote slim chance) need for a RED DOT intimidation device.
I could ALSO see it as being somewhat useful in the event of a strong side arm or hand injury. That would be about it.
I CAN see it as having some useful "weak hand" emergency use or a "you're down and seriously injured but not yet dead" LAST DITCH defensive use. :frown:
Now that I've goofed around with a nifty laser exactly where do I think one would be useful???? You ask. :biggrin:
Maybe a Crimson Trace laser on a snubbie that turns on as you squeeze the grip would be somewhat useful in certain defensive situations that I can imagine.
My honest heartfelt suggestion would be just to "Get Yourself Good" shooting your firearm without ever depending on a laser sight to make up for any lack of true shooting ability.
Nothing beats the personal gains you'll get from the Hard (but fun) Work of developing your necessary defensive shooting skills.

Buy a good high quality holster & a real good gun belt, some properly fitting grips :wink: & lots of extra ammo & maybe get your firearm tuned by a pro...& don't be tempted too much by the Bright Red Dot Maker.
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I always thought the red dot would be good as a last ditch deal or a home in the dark... My cousins husband has a set on a smith snubbie figures if his shot or something happens to primary weapon he could use his 5 shot he carrys in a pocket holster ... like shooting under the car to shot the bad guy or something to that effect...

He's a state trooper and works night shift ...
The one I got on that Beretta 92F deal works really well.
The batteries are easy to change in the Glock...I'm not sure about the Beretta one though.BUT it shoots RIGHT WHERE I PLACE THE DOT :biggrin:

For the GLOCK factory set accuracy is POA +or- 3" at 20 yards. Mine seems at least as close as that. On the Glock the on/off switch is the little slide lock. Pushing it in from either side turns the unit on...the middle position is off. It seems to work fine but, it sure is tiny for "them~there" big fingers of mine to operate easily.

Photo Credit To The LaserMax Site
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Never had one yet - but if you are pleased QK - I am pleased for you.

I am an unmitigated CT fan - despite money investment. 3 revo's have them now (Sp-101, M28-2 and M629-6) ... and of course Mr SIG has them too. :smile:

I have mine generally set up for 21 feet - and that gives enough ''spread'' such that from 10 feet or less right out to maybe 15 to 20 yards is OK.

I know one thing - with my old eyes and the SIG in less than bright light - I can get amazing hits using the dot - simply because no need to point and sight as per normal. Always reckon too - these devices could be real useful - shooting strong hand say - round a corner - keep self way better covered while still getting on target!!
just wording on the ct grips where is the pressure switch located?
Bud - all revo sets are as per Sp-101 - see pic. Look at front of grip almost in line with grip screw nut bush - you should just see ''something''! That is a small pressure (click) switch which projects about 3/32" - and receives pressure from middle finger - 100% reliable. A master on/off switch is recessed in grip base.


Now the SIG is different - here the master on/off switch is left grip, recessed and low left - well out the way. The actuation here is via a pressure pad - one on each side. Find the ''CT'' logo circle and look at 2 o'clock forwards. The square looking thing is the right pad - identical on left. My middle finger of strong hand actuates my left pad switch - works 100% too. Did notice however, folks with real small hands/short fingers - might just not reach this.

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Crimson Trace

I think that if I were going to pay anywhere close to full retail for a laser I would absolutely go with the Crimson Trace set~up.
I am not really too pleased with the LaserMax for the GLOCK since the ON/OFF requires an additional action & the switch is miniscule.

The ideal laser should turn on just by gripping the pistol & should not require a separate action during the presentation to activate it. If an individual action is required it shoud be very easily activated.
I think of all the LaserMax lasers the GLOCK is not the best due to the ON/OFF switch.
The other models of (SIG COLT) Lasermax internal units seem like they would be more easily activated.
I can always sell this one for more than I paid for it so I'll just play with it for awhile. :biggrin:
The switch for the Laser max on the Beretta is located on the takedown lever. You push it either right or left to activate.. center position is considered off. when drawing the weapon, it seems easier to put pressure on the switch to acivate, rather than the trigger area. Two points in this. One, it keeps your finger off the trigger. The other, it also trains you to sight down the BBL and sights, which also adds a steadier grip to sight your weapon..should the laser's batties be dead. (this happens a lot with the Glocks, due to it's switch position on the weapon.. :biggrin:
The Beretta LaserMax

That sounds O~Kee~Doke~Kee To Me on the Beretta.
The GLOCK gets a "poor" rating from me though only due to the switch location and size.
The add in/on parts and the laser unit are very high quality and dead on the $$$.
Psssssttt QK??? I know where there's a few more of those Beretta 92F's for sale.....even in the 92F Compact version......350.00 to 375.00...... there are a few of the 92F Compact W/O the Laser for 275.00 to 300.00 :biggrin:
I got mine from the Sherrif Dept. to put on my Glock 21. It was free for me so I cant complain about the cost.

Im not crazyt about the switch as its not a real positive stop. Go too far and it goes off... get it close to that and shooting it might make it go off.

Other than that...Its dead on the money at 25 yards. Just to check out the capabilitys of it I shot if from every postion know to man and even invented a few...and all of the shots wen into a standard bullsyeye target in the x ring or the 10.

It could be useful for shooting from cover. I got behind a sizable oak tree and stuck out my right arm, using only the laser as a guide. Put several shots right on the X from 20 yards. I tired it from my driveway using the wheel of my truck as cover and shooting under the truck with exellent results.

The pulsating laser makes it easier for the eye to pick it up...buts is still nearly impossible to see in bright sunlight as just about any laser is.

In the dark its hard to beat. I suspect that the presence of a laser dot on someones heart or prized family jewels might have some sort of effect on ones outlook on life all of a sudden.

The major gripe with the LaserMax seems to be with the on/off switch. I may look into fabricating a replacement that is more positive using perhaps some sort of grooved rod with O rings or something along that line.
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Everything you said.
I have big fingers & the GLOCK switch is a little tough for me to operate.
It's so small but, any bigger & I could see the laser turning itself on "in holster"
There is a "service pak" available from LaserMax that includes a new internal switch plate & that might help make yours more positive.
Thanks for your addition to this thread.:unitedsta
A friend of mine works for CT, and I have CTs on my 1911 cmdr, the new style with the switch under the ring finger, same as the revo.

CT have some up with new version for Glocks that fits over part of the frame

They will be shipping at the end of the year. I have not seen one yet, but have heard they change the grip angle slightly so it is more like a 1911...

Re Lasers in general...(for me, ymmv)
Faster from low ready to first shot (since you just flick the laser up), about .1 to .2 seconds faster.
Slower from the holster with targets at 7 yards versus flash sight; about .1 to .2 slower.

Great for weird positions/weak hand/disabled limbs/eye problems (kind of like a good hooker :eek: )

Good for tracking moving targets, though I need to more work in this area.

As well as possible deterrence value; they are good for "holding a" BG, e.g. Once BG is face down on the ground, with head turned to side, you put the dot six inches in front of his face and say "See the red dot? Move and it goes on your head!"

For team shooting they make excellent target designators to avoid things like this:
"See the guy with the gun over there by the tree?"
"Which tree?"
"The Douglas Fir between the Oak and the Alder"
<Sounds of incoming rounds...>

BTW, the laser flashing feature was not done to improve visibility, but to extend battery life, since they have use those tiny cells, but CT has the whole grip to store a battery in.
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I am with Phill re CT's - constant beam and to me totally invaluable.

(Apart from driving cats nuts when they chase the dot - from unloaded gun!) :biggrin:
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