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Last minute Mil-Spec advice?

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After some great advice and reading Stephen Camp's review I'm going to check a few out tomorrow morning. The shop were I took my permit class has a few in stock: They've got a used, std. config, park'ed finish with extended thumb safety (maybe a plus) and extended slide release (I'd replace that with Wilson's Bulletproof). Not sure if they'd bargain on the price but they're asking $400. Provided this is in good shape (95 -98%) does it sound fair? What prices are you folks seeing out there?

They've also got a hicap Mil-Spec but after the Hicap UC I had (also an SA), I found replacement grips were impossible to find - got to pass on that. They've usually got a great selection of 1911s in stock so I may get pleasantly surprised. But my intention right now is the used Mil-Spec.

Appreciate any input you folks can offer before I take off to pick up the new girl.
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For my area the price is ok .. i want a parked on myself
Last time I was there they also had a used, SS Colt Series 70 repro. They've got a pretty good selection - okay, not as good as Class3's ... lol
i dont know of many places that can match class 3's
Read this

Check the sections on Buying a used 1911 , and Function Checking.

Do not buy it unless they let you field strip and function check it.

If you have a buddy who knows 1911s take him along.

If its a sound gun - $400 is a good price
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THanks for the link AK. I remember some things about function checks but need to re-read everything. I fully intend to field strip the gun - got to make sure the previous owner wasn't a dremel junkie at the very least!
No advise to give Jack - I'm mainly SIG! (as if folks didn't know!) but hope you find something to your liking and then let us see it.

I will say tho - check extractor close up - make sure is 100%.
Good point Chris! Even if it's okay I plan on ordering a Wilson just to have a spare in the range bag.

BTW, I'm planning on trading in my S&W M66. That should bring the price down significantly. Good thing is, there's an indoor range downstairs so I can immediately check it out and deal with any problems it might have - I'm sure they'll stand behind the sale, they're pretty good folks.

BTW, anybody know Springfield's position on warranties and used guns?
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