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Leave your attitudes at the door

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We have had a recent increase in membership, which we can all appreciate. I really like seeing more people interested enough in concealed carry that they research good, solid, reliable information and opinions. But, when we have an influx of new members, we often have a problem of attitudes brought into the forums. We encourage all of our members to read the Forum Rules before posting and see what is allowed and what is not allowed. This forum was created to be different than many other forums. We don't tolerate flames, attacks, name calling, ethnic slurs.

If you can't take an opposing position or have a different opinion than another member without including sarcasm or making your response a "smartass comment" then you should restrain yourself from posting. On the flipside, if you are so sensitive that you cannot accept honest (and respectful) constructive criticism or having someone post an opposing view, you may want to simply lurk.

We understand that everyone (including the moderators and myself) occasionally have bad days. When that happens, and you can't seem to restrain yourself from taking that out on someone else in a thread or post, do yourself, and all of us, a favor and don't post at all. We really don't want to hear it. Here, things are kept civil, as a rule. If you can't be civil, you need to find another forum because you won't last long here.

I don't really want to sound like a dictator, but you are in my home. And in my home, if you cause trouble you're invited to leave.

<steps off soapboax>