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This scenario has played out twice here in my town during the past two or three years. In the first, a man was in a drivthru lane of a local burger joint when he wittnessed another male pull a pistol on a woman demanding her purse, the male fired and killed the perp. He was not arrested nor were legal or civil charges filed. In the second another male wittnessed a woman being attacked and having her clothes ripped of, he fired and again the perp died, no charges civil nor criminal filed. Fortunately, in Oregon this is usually the case provided it was a "good" shoot. In both of the above, there were lots of bystanders to provide statements in support, in the second case the man shot turned out to be the womans ex and was having mental "issues" at the time. Of course, local newspapers made a big deal out of this and made out both "shooters" to be bad guys but in the end justice prevailed! Personally, they both did the right thing!
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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