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TSRA Members and Texans:

R i c k P e r r y
For Immediate Release
June 17,2005

Gov. Perry Signs Bills to Protect Gun Owners’ Rights

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today signed legislation aimed at clarifying existing firearm laws, enhancing protections for law-abiding gun owners and reducing barriers for gun ownership.

“The right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right of every law-abiding citizen of our country,” Perry said. “This legislation will clarify existing firearm laws, enhance protections for law abiding gun owners and reduce barriers for gun ownership.”

The bills Gov. Perry has signed include:

* House Bill 225 (Driver) which extends the renewal period for a concealed handgun license from four to five years without an increase in renewal fee.
* House Bill 322 (Hupp) which reduces all fees for a concealed handgun license for military members and veterans by 50 percent and lowers the age from 21 to 18 for members of the military or veterans to obtain a concealed handgun license.
* House Bill 685 (Rose) which exempts military members and veterans from taking the range portion of the concealed handgun licensing process if they had been weapons certified in the military within the past five years prior to application for the license.
* House Bill 1483 (Frost) which will expand methods by which applicants for a concealed handgun license may pay the fees to include personal check, cash, and credit card. Currently only cashiers checks and money orders are accepted.
* House Bill 823 (Keel) which clarifies the current definition of “traveling” as it relates to someone carrying a firearm. Current law is ambiguous and is interpreted differently by courts and law enforcement.
* House Bill 1038 (Isett) which reduces the fee for renewal of a canceled handgun permit for senior citizen by 50 percent. The current renewal fee for a senior citizen is $70 for a four-year renewal period and this bill will reduce that fee to $35 for those 60 years of age or older.

All bills become effective Sept. 1, 2005.

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I'm not exactly sure what a "canceled" handgun permit is, but good news all around! :biggrin:

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Gov. Perry needs cloned - and spread around some other places!! :smile:

All sounds very good and sensible.

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Perry's a mixed bag.

First he signs legislation that screws me out of my retirement fund and then he does nothing to stop 3 billion from being cut from the public schools. Then he comes around and does this...

Oh well at least the legislative session wasn't a complete disaster. I should be king. :king: I'm pro education and pro 2A rights all at once! :smile:

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Horray for Euclidean,

The youth of our country are our future....can you imagine that future without educated youth????

Go Gov......but get this school funding program taken care of......for good!!!!

It's our future you are messing with!!!
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