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LEO Shot In The Heart Keeps Going

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LEO Shot & Mortally Wounded In The Heart Keeps Going & Pursues Suspect Then Passes Away. Rest In Peace. :unitedsta

Updated: 10:13 AM EST

Mortally Wounded Officer Pursues Suspect

Alleged Gunman Accused in Another Police Shooting

NEW YORK (Nov. 29) - A police officer who was shot in the heart early Monday during a car chase ignored the wound and helped try to catch the gunman before dying later at a hospital, authorities said.

In the Line of Duty Dillon Stewart, 35, died despite wearing a bulletproof vest. One round entered his left armpit, missing the protective plating "by no more than a quarter of an inch," Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

Stewart, who was married with two children, "showed remarkable tenacity and courage in pursuing his assailant," Kelly said.

The suspect, Allan Cameron, 27, also was picked out of a lineup Monday in connection with the robbery and shooting of officer Wiener Philippe on Nov. 19, police Sgt. Mary Christine Doherty said Monday.

Philippe was returning to his home at about 6 a.m. when a gunman hopped out of a car and demanded his wallet, watch and jewelry, police said.

Cameron was facing charges including first-degree murder and attempted murder in the two cases, Doherty said. Cameron was being processed early Tuesday, and information was not immediately available on whether he had a lawyer.

A handgun believed to be the homicide weapon was found outside an apartment building where Cameron was captured after a massive manhunt, police said.

Authorities said the suspected shooter, who surrendered peacefully, was given three years of probation in 2003 after pleading guilty to various traffic violations.

The chase began when Stewart and his partner spotted a car with stolen New Jersey license plates speeding through a red light, police said. Stewart made a U-turn and pursued the car with lights and sirens on.

At one point, the police car pulled alongside the other vehicle on its passenger side. That's when the driver leaned over and began shooting, police said.

With Stewart still in pursuit, the suspect sped to a basement garage about two blocks away before disappearing. Stewart left his car, realized he had been shot but remained conscious as other officers rushed him to the hospital, the commissioner said.
Following surgery, Stewart's heart stopped beating.

He was the first officer killed in the city in the line of duty this year, police said.

Associated Press Writer Pat Milton contributed to this story.
11-29-05 06:00 EST

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Yes, two areas of particular weakness with body armor - armpit zone and head.

This yet again should make folks realize just how much cops place themselves in potential danger, with ''even'' just traffic stops. There are too many people out there who hold life very cheap.

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That's just terrible. :frown: And he had a family, too.

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A Part of America Died
By Harry Koch

Someone killed a policeman today,
And a part of America Died.
A piece of our country he swore to protect
Will be buried with him at his side.

The suspect who shot him will stand up in court.
With counsel demanding his rights.
While a young widowed mother must work for her kids
And spend alone many long nights

The beat that he walked was a battlefield, too.
Just as if he'd gone off to war.
Though the flag of our nation won't fly at half mast,
To his name they will add a gold star

Yes, someone killed a policeman today
It happened in your town or mine.
While we slept in comfort behind our locked doors.
A cop put his life on the line.

Now, his ghost walks a beat on a dark city street.
And he stands at each new rookie's side
He answered the call and gave us his all
And a part of America died.
I hope the maggot who shot him gets a speedy, fair trial followed by a nice lethal injection.....


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I must first say that Officer Stewart has shown us all the character and spirit of most LEO's and I pray for his family.

I hadn't worn my body armor in years because it is really tough to be mobile in that stuff. As I got older I realized that sweaty, stinky and worn out from doing things like bicycle patrol (about 30 miles each shift) in body armor is better then dead. We often here about failure to protect but most people don't realize how many lives are saved in not only shootings but car crashes by there body armor.

The last thing I would like to point out is how real world shootings scenarios can end. Officer Stewart has shown us how a determined person can fight on even after taking a fatal hit. I can't stress enough that a handgun is generaly weak and enemic and you must train for encounters with people who are not going to stop until they bleed out no matter what caliber you carry. There are many people packing that have not nor will ever use there weapon (I hope) and don't realize that it doesn't go down like action thrillers on TV! Are you really ready to face a person and fight on till the end?

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Thanks to all above for your thoughtful comments.
And Extra Thanks Matt & blacksan for your posts.

Matt....that was great & very fitting.
I printed it out for a good friend of mine.
Stay Safe ALL.
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