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Letter to Terrorists

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I would like to meet this soldier and shake his hand and say thank you brother.

Subject: Letter to Terrorists

I Am Coming!

Dear Terrorists,

I am a Fighter Pilot. I was born and raised in a small town in New England. I come from a family of five. I was raised in a middle class home and taught my values by my mother and father. My dad worked a series of jobs in finance and my mom took care of us kids. We were not an overly religious family but attended church most Sundays. It was a nice small Episcopal Church.

I have a brother and sister and I am the youngest in my family. I was the first in many generations to attend college. I have flown fighter aircraft for 16 years. For me the flying was never a lifelong dream or a "calling," it just happened. I needed a job and I liked the challenge.

I continue to do it today because, I feel it is important to give back to a nation which has given so much to me. I do it because, although I will never be rich, my family will be comfortable. I do it because, many of my friends have left for the airlines and someone has to do it. My government has spent millions to train me to fly these multi-million dollar aircraft. I make about $70,000 a year and after 20 years will be offered a pension.

I like baseball but think the players make too much money. I am in awe of firemen and policemen and what they do each day for my community, and like teachers, they just don't get paid enough.

I respect my elders and always use sir or ma'am when addressing a stranger. I'm not sure about kids these days , but I think that's normal for every generation.

I tell you all this because when I come for you, I want you to know me. I won't be hiding behind a woman or a child. I won't be disguised or pretending to be something I am not. I will be in a U.S. issue flight suit. I will be wearing standard US issue flight gear, and I will be flying a fighter aircraft clearly marked as a US warplane. I wish we could meet up close in a small room where I could wrap my hands around your throat and slowly squeeze the life out of you, but unfortunately, you're hiding in a hole in the ground, so we will have to do this a different way.

I want you to know also that I am very good at what I do. I can put a 2,000 lb weapon through a window from 10,000 feet up ( that is 2 miles ). I generally only fly at night, so you may want to start sleeping during the day.

I am not eager to die for my country but I am willing to sacrifice my life to protect it from animals like you. I will do everything in my power to ensure no civilians are hurt as I take aim at you.

My countrymen are a forgiving bunch. Many are already forgetting what you did on Sept 11th. But I will not forget!! I am coming. I hope you know me a little bit better------see you soon...sleep tight!!!!!

Signed A Warrior

Our Soldiers are one of our greatest assets! God Bless
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nice !..... great letter. :)
Humble yet dedicated. If it was not for persons like this we would be like the French or worse. I am glad I live in the USA.

Thank you to all the men, and women that have given so much. So we may live in a county that is free.
A few good men can make a difference.
Amen again and a salute.
That's some great writing!
Well done, and Godspeed!
Yes, I have read this letter before on our state CCW forum, I thought it was awesome.

I should have posted it but 9 times out of 10 I'm tooooooooooo late.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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