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Light, Laser ... or something else

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I am thinking about buying an attachment for a Ruger P95. Home use mainly - probably too big for concealed carry ...

What would you suggest - light, laseer, or something else?
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i wanted to get a laser but in a gun fight i wouldn't have time to be looking for a red or green dot. instead i'm looking around for a good light for my glock
Not a fan of lasers on hand guns. I have no problems with lights though.
Not a fan of lasers on hand guns. I have no problems with lights though.
I was thinking that as well. I did have one guy ask "if you were going against someone with a light and you see that light - where are you going to shoot?" His point - you probably are going to shoot at that light.

I still like the idea of a light.
A laser will slow you up unless you train hard with it which nobody does. I am a big believer in a gun light for every home defense gun PLUS a handheld light. There is a lot of truth to the fact that a light on your gun is a beacon back to where you are plus you tend to point your loaded gun where you want to see and that can be a danger to an innocent person who startles you when you are doing that. A combination of handheld and gun mounted light is the best way to go.

Something that you will never read but I know about from experience. Put a light on your gun and point it at a mirror and you will only see the light and not the gun. Now imagine doing that to a burglar. He will just see the light and not the gun. With a handheld light held away from the gun he can see the gun and know you are armed and that may be enough to end the encounter there. Food for thought.
I vote for buying "something else".... They are inexpensive and work really well....... :yup:
I'm really liking the crimson trace laser.
I don't find it slowing me down at all.
I'm not sure I'm using it as intended though I sight up and just use it as a feel good back up thing.
I do have to say the laser is WAAYY more accurate with a hand gun than I ever imagined it would be.
I own weapon-mounted light and it's OK. And what laser or light do you want to buy???
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