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One of the things I tend to do is take the perspective of the regular layperson in regard to CCW, firearms, and what I call impromptu training.

Having taught folks to shoot, assisted with CCW students, and such, some things bear out. Like the correct basics and continuing to practice these correct basics are good things.

Granted the University of FlowershirtedGuyIntheGunRagWhenNoBeachVollyballToCover writes one can buy skill and targets.

I attended Poor Boy Technical College, and had Elders and Mentors for instructors.

One example- Single Mom, having been in a abusive marriage, divorced, having moved, the hassles… on a budget… ended up with a used police trade-in, mechanically sound, just the bluing was worn on the Model 10 snub-nose ; price- $135.

Gun was cleaned and lubed, had that buttery smooth trigger Old Smiths are known for. Didn’t need anything else, except ammo and some better fitting stocks.

She had shot a variety of our range guns and she shot the Model 10 best. Didn’t take long to get used to a shorter barrel than the 4” she learned, trained, practiced and passed her CCW test with.

We perused the used holster bin and $8 later had a smelly, but functional piece of leather. Since ladies are built different; I went to my other buddy - the old shoe shop guy. He was a shooter, had a daughter, and he didn’t charge to re-sew and customize it a bit so it’d fit.

Also found were used stocks like the ones on the range gun she used. Having among th evarious guns and platforms; we had Six model 10's with 4" barrels only difference being the stocks allowed student to find what fit them.

She wanted "her stocks" from the range gun. I swapped her used ones, and refinished them for range gun, "hers" went on her gun - the rubber ones that came with the trade in- put back for someone else down the road perhaps...

“ I really need a good belt…, I used your range stuff and I really see how it makes a difference…I have Car Insurance coming due, and I really had to scrape to afford the CCW class and license fees…”
“We ain’t thru getting you fixed up yet”
“Mom…you need a loader thingy don’t forget”
“You mean a speed-loader?”
“Yeah – that loader thingy”

I asked my shoe repair buddy about blank leather…like a leather tool belt…

He slapped his forehead – “duh...umm, don’t mean to get personal ma’am but I need to take some measurements….come back in a few days”. He took some leather and made a nice substantial – fashionable belt, dyed the belt and holster Cordovan – right sharp outfit for such little monies- just charged her for the buckle part, “folks have been there for my daughter…and well what goes around…”

He did not turn down the homemade Lemon Meringue pie later on I hear.

Her Uncle lives local and has property, more important, he reloads, of real importance got him off his duff and he finally obtained his CCW, got back to shooting. I made a comment about Speer rubber bullets; primer fired…” oh forgot about them…”

He bought some “loader thingy’s” that fit a Model 10 when he went shopping for some stuff he needed; one of those kinds of Uncles.

I go out to visit on a rainy day- and sure enough in the barn I see the uncle and single mom having some great practice and fun shooting rubber bullets – the kid was in on the act. “It really sucks they don’t make rubber bullets for my .22 rifle, shooting mom’s gun is cool tho’…”

“What about a light? Them Surefires are expensive.” We were talking as the kid was trying on new tennis shoes in Academy Sports…

I showed her my key ring, “no excuse to not have some kind of light on person 24/7, just makes good sense, right handy.”

“I thought you had a ASP blue sapphire?”
“ I broke it again. Great light, just the fastener keeps breaking for me and how I treat one. Now the Mag-Light Solitaire works and holds up. My deal is the ASP has to held on , the Solitaire has to be twisted, I keep one in my backpack for labs and such. Now the Inova key ring light has held up, gives the option for touch and go, or can be switched on”

So for $5.49 she snagged a Inova with the blue light like mine. I showed her the Inova LED for $23.00 with the tail switch. “Next pay period perhaps. So instead we bought the $3 Westinghouse 2 AA with Tail-switch, easy to replace Kryton bulb similar in appearance to a 2 AA Mag-Light.

The kid got a Garrity disposable light, and a marine air horn – in the event of a fire, she has a lanyard on it so she can see and be seen, the air horn is to alert mom in the other room, or firepersons coming in to rescue. For sure will wake the neighbors …

Single mom dry fires everyday; been practicing keeping that dime on the barrel while using the two lights.

So again I visit and the Uncle speaks of rabid raccoons on the property. He suspects they are in the old pole barn down the way. I suggest single mom and I go investigate, time to get some night training with potentially real targets instead of the teddy’s she has shot.

Just using the CCW gear we had.

I spied one up against a hay bale and using a Keltec P-11 and Inova key ring light – WWB 115 gr JHPs, one shot, one kill ~ 12 steps.

“Your turn” I said to her.
Against the other far side, using the $3 light she double taps and fells one using 158 gr LSWC. “Hey- this stuff works…I did it!!” ~ 10 steps, kneeling next to hay bale. “I am a girl…that thing was weird, ugly, acting funny…and …and I’m supposed to seek cover ain’t I?”

Well I was grinning at her skills and how she approached the critter…she thought I was making fun of “hiding” – I assured her I was really impressed she kept her cool and did shoot from cover using a light and all.

So we used rope and hooks fashioned from coat hangers to drag them out…rabies and all. Put them on a brush pile so Uncle can dispose of when he burns the next day.

Word is the Uncle bought two Inova LEDs, and two Inova key ring lights…and three squirt guns. Niece (single mom) got her an Inova, daughter got a key ring light and uncle kept one of each.

Further word is 3 folks were out back in the dark with lights having too much fun squirting balloons.

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Thats a good Story always nice to be able to help someone ... Really nice it they will let you some people just wont allow themselfs to be helped even though people will try ...

This post brought a few grins to my face and thats aweful hard to do this early in the morning

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We get so wrapped up in the latest and greatest shooting irons and the latest and greatest zen shooting technique sometimes it's easy to forget how simple it really is sometimes, and the difference it can make.

As an aside, there's a $20 Brinkmann Xenon light you can buy at Walmart that is surprisingly very good. It's not as nice as a G2, but $10 is $10 and it's easily replaced if lost...

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Yepper these kind of stories make the morning worthwhile. Having a Mom able to care for herself and the kind help she got from caring people is outstanding. Lets wish them all a good week. :smile:

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good to hear of more folks getting CCW and practicing. I talked my friend into finally getting his CCW done. He had the class just needed to file the forms.
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