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"Excuse me do you know what time it is?"

A professionally dressed (suit and tie) guy was doing this to women. If they looked at their watch he syuffed them in their vehicle, drove them to a spot and raped them.


"Sorry to bother you but I just hit a deer and need to make a phone call."


"Hi I would like to vacuum any room in your house to demonstrate my product to you." My wife didn't let the sales lady in but did say sorry no time we're heading out the door on a trip. I was pissed to say the least. Turns out the gal is a ligitimate Kirby rep.


"Hi I'm with the fraud department of your <insert credit card here>. I need to verify that you still have the card in your possession. Can you please give me the three digit security code from the back of your card." The caller has your name and card number already, but not the three digit code that they need to really rip you off.


"Hi I'm with a survey company employed by your bank. We are conducting surveys of customers to better serve you." Ya, to better rip you off. Lot's of quasi-personal questions. I stayed on with them to see what they were fishing for. Nothing specific, just general stuff, so it may have been legitimate.

Guy walks up. Hey I think you tire back here is flat. They will be on the opposite corner as you so you have to come to them. Sometimes they have flattened it and sometimes not.

A variation on the bump and rob is the box and brake. You get boxed in and the car to your front short stops. Of course the accomplice car <the blocker> is the perfect witness to your driving incompetence.


Hi I'm with XYZ Contracting and I am replacing your neighbors <roof, siding, driveway you pick it> and I would like to offer you a free estimate on your job. I can do it at a discount because my crew is in the area and I can order the supplies for both jobs and get a bigger discount. The guy that tried me was doing roofing. My roof had been replaced less than a month before. I just started laughing and told him that and to get the F off my porch.

Now you have to watch for variations of that one with kids along. The kid(s) are instructed to go into your house and run rampant. The adult(s) will "try" to catch the kid(s) all the while they are all stealing everything they can.

"Excuse me...Excuse me sir/ma'am. You dropped this <waving a $20 or bigger>." The idea being to close on you and to put your attention on the money.

There are more, but I need to get to work.

1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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