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Let's see - anyone who comes up to my car when I'm in it that I don't know trips bells in my book.

The best scam I saw (and I didn't place it until after the fact for what it was) was a couple kids who tried to rob the store.

They were *insistent* I open a bag they'd tied together (which would take two hands minimum, and I don't raise both above the counter when people are being wierd since one is always on a gun), no matter how many times I told them to do it themselves.

They proceeded to try to rob the place soon thereafter. Mr. Sig didn't deter them - even the 12 gauge barely did and that was more my casual demeanor and asking my regulars who'd appeared to back me up to step out of the way because I wasn't sure what the spread on the choke was going to do to them. ;)
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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