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Sheldon J said:
One more thing I have received two pishing scams in my e mail in the last two days. Both messages stating my E Bay account would be suspended within 24 hours if I did not log on immediately and deal with some issues.
No I didn't follow their link, I forwarded it to "[email protected]" and it was exactly what I thought it was.. a fishing expedition, the page that they have is very official looking the message sends you to a log on page that is identical to the E Bay one, but if you look at the header it is not their web site, E Bay is aware of this the BG in this instance is looking for your passwords why.. I don't know how much do you think they could charge to your account and have the stuff shipped to a different address before you figure it out.
Hey, I have fun with those Phishers. I give them bogus credit card numbers. Bad addresses, and what ever else strikes my fancy. I figure if they get enough bogus stuff they might stop it.
I know fat chance, but I'm easily entertained.:urlaub2:
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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