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The scam that run here in SW GA for a while happened to me at 1:30 am one night last year. I live approx 3 blocks away from a major commercial blvd. and 6 blocks from a US Hwy. I had just finished watching a movie when I heard a vehicle pull into my driveway with it's lights off. I went to the secret place in the TV room and got the .38 stored there. At that time I heard a knock and a woman's voice, I peeked thru a side window near the door and asked who it was. She said her and her husband were about out of gas and needed gas money to get them to Florida (about 90 m so.) or could she borrow my phone to call her relatives in Fl. I gave her directions to the nearest Conv. store and told her to have them call the police for help in contacting her rel. She asked why couldn't she use my phone, I answered "You are not coming in this house and I'm not opening the door, I'm armed and my wife is on the phone with the police at this moment (they had reccommended that we send them to the well lit conv. store)." Her eyes got real wide and she ran back to the truck and the sped off.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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