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There are many many scams.
The difficulty, for me, is my religious beliefs. I believe and accept that I have been commanded by Christ to help "the least of these", and that when I see a person in need, I see Christ.
This makes things very interesting and often difficult. On the one hand, I must protect my family and the innocent, and that is why I have guns. On the other hand, I must also be bread broken for others, as we say.
I cannot allow mere scamming or loss of money to stop me, but of course I am NOT obligated, or even allowed, to throw my life away in foolishness, or fail my family. My anger at being ripped off cannot be allowed to deter me. But I draw the line at safety. So I sometimes give a stranger money for some purpose, but I do not let them close to my family. It is tough.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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