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I've been waiting patiently to make a decision on what upper I was going to pin onto a new RRA LAR 15 lower and I finally decided that I was going with an SBR and it is going to be the LMT 12" Piston driven operation upper.

I ponied up the $$$$ online and then got the news that I will not recieve this upper till March of 2010. That's fine with me, I'm still patient and have no need for the upper right at this very moment. It also gives me time to have this lower registered as an SBR.

My only complaint with the RRA Lar 15 lower is the commercial diameter extension tube. I want to put a SOPMOD for EMOD stock on this build so the commercial extension has to come out and replaced with a Mil Spec extension. As if it's not enough money already, but I hate standard M4 type stocks.

Just an FYI if your considering the LMT piston uppers. If your order now you'll ship date will be sometime in March this coming year.

The 12" LMT CQB MRP is the "Monolithic Rail platform" which in my opinion is probably the best in the industry. No need to change out handguards and the rail space is uninterupted on the top rail. I simply LMT more than most.


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