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Gun Owners Lobby Day 2010 Old Virginia News
[Photos courtesy Old Virginia News (]

From a VA-ALERT.

VA-ALERT is a project of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.

[First person singular pronouns (I, my, mine, etc) reference Philip Van Cleave, President VCDL]

Two years ago we had 400 show up for Lobby Day, last year it was 600,
this year we broke 1,000! Gun Save Lives stickers EVERYWHERE you
looked! The General Assembly was packed and whenever I talked to a
Delegate or a Senator in the afternoon they all made a point to say
that they had lots and lots of gun owners visiting with them that

That, ladies and gentlemen, was music to my ears.

A fantastic job done by all and I wish to thank all of you who turned
out on a beautiful winter day to protect all of our rights!


As I was afraid, the anti-gun Senate Democratic leadership (lead by
Senator Saslaw) put anti-gunner McEachin on the Senate Courts of
Justice committee, making it that much harder for pro-gun bills to pass.

But VCDL and its members only climb higher and harder when faced with
a taller wall. By getting those thousand people to the General
Assembly today, we showed that we are in this to win.

Lives are at stake and every gun ban must ultimately be repealed.

Tomorrow and for several days this week, I will be talking to key
Senate members about VCDL's bills.


I want to thank our hard working Executive Members and Board members
for making everything go as smoothly as it did. Dennis O'Connor, John
Fenter, and Bruce Jackson were a particular blessing to have working
on this. Chip Fetrow had the PA system up and running flawlessly,
making it easier for such a large crowd to hear everything being said

Of course with such a large influx of people, coordination got dicey
at times, but in the end it worked out great!


The Tea Party rally, which started at 10, graciously allowed me to
speak and we let them use VCDL's PA system, making life simpler for
them and us, since our rally immediately followed their rally and we
didn't have to waste time switching in a PA system.

The Tea Party ended up running about 20 minutes into VCDL's time slot,
but we still ended up squeezing in all our scheduled speakers. I
looked at it this way: the Tea Party was talking about guns for those
20 minutes anyhow ;-)

I would like to thank the following for speaking at the rally:

Delegate Mark Cole
Delegate Bill Carrico
Scott Lee of WRVA's Lee Brothers Talk Show on Saturday mornings (1140
AM on the radio dial)
Ted Deeds, Law Enforcement Alliance of America (who reminded the crowd
that law enforcement's Amicus Brief on McDonald v. Chicago started
with the words "Guns Save Lives" )
Patrick McSween, ex-Chairman for the Republican Party of Virginia and
a Constitutional lawyer
Donna Holt with the Virginia Campaign for Liberty
Tricia Stall, who graciously volunteered to not repeat the invocation
that she had done for the Tea Party rally an hour earlier so we could
squeeze in all of our speakers on our shortened time slot.


Media coverage:

Channel 12 in Richmond:

Video - NBC12 News, Weather Sports, Traffic, and Programming Guide for Richmond, VA |



Groups rally for and against gun control in Richmond | |

Groups rally for and against gun control in Richmond Posted to:
General Assembly News Virginia

The Associated Press
© January 18, 2010


Those on both sides of the gun rights issue fired their first shots
Monday, with battles being declared both inside and outside the state

Several hundred rallied for gun rights on the morning of Martin Luther
King Jr. Day, followed by an afternoon rally attended by dozens
calling for stricter gun laws.

Inside the Capitol, Democrats pushed through committee changes that
will make it more difficult to advance looser gun laws, while
Republicans cried foul.

So far, 30 bills have been filed that would allow concealed handguns
to be carried in more places and make it easier to get both guns and
the permits. Gun supporters had hoped to get more bills enacted this
year because Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell, who took office on
Saturday, supports gun rights. Former Gov. Tim Kaine often vetoed pro-
gun bills.

"That pen is out of ink," said Andrew Goddard, whose son Colin was
shot four times in 2007 when a gunman opened fire at Virginia Tech,
killing 32 students and faculty. "We know that we're going to be going
backward. It's just a case of how many of those bills are going to get
through, not whether they get through."

Democrats in the Senate made that a little more difficult.

Senate Democrats gained one seat in special elections to fill those of
two departing Republican senators, so that their majority now stands
at 22-18. On Monday, they adjusted the makeup of several powerful
committees, including the Courts of Justice Committee that hears
virtually all gun-related bills, to give themselves a 10-5 majority.

Still, at least three Democrats on that committee have supported gun
rights bills in the past.

"We're going to have a battle in front of us, however we've fought
battles before and won them," said Philip Van Cleave, president of the
pro-gun Virginia Citizens Defense League. "If they're going to put the
odds against us, that's fine, because we're not going to walk away
disenchanted. The more obstacles they put in front of us, the harder
we'll fight."

Some of the pro-gun bills include:

—Repeals of the prohibition against buying more than one gun per month.

—Allowing those with concealed handgun permits to carry weapons into
places of worship, courthouses when courts aren't in session; but
while city councils or county boards are meeting, emergency shelters,
in school parking lots or into schools when not in session and by
faculty at colleges and universities.

—Requires guns acquired in gun buyback programs to be sold at auction
to licensed gun dealers instead of destroyed.

—Allows concealed guns to be taken into bars and restaurants as long
as the gun owner doesn't drink alcohol.

—Allows court clerks to grant a concealed carry permit without a
judge's approval.

—Prohibits property or business owners from banning a gun owner from
keeping the weapon in a locked vehicle.

—Prohibits Circuit Court clerks from releasing information on those
who have concealed handgun permits.

—Allows concealed carry permit renewals through mail, removes the
requirement for fingerprints and allows permits to be granted for life.

Another bill, sponsored by Del. Charles Carrico, declares that the
federal government has no authority to regulate firearms that are made
and sold in Virginia.

Carrico told boisterous supporters of the bill, dubbed the Firearms
Freedom Act, it is "more than just about your Second Amendment rights,
it's about Virginia standing up to the federal government and saying
we're going to exercise our Tenth Amendment rights," which guarantees
states' rights.

Robert Sadtler, 42, of Richmond, was one of several hundred people who
attended the morning rally, carrying a pistol and saying he was there
"defending liberty." Sadtler said efforts at gun control show fear and
ignorance on the part of politicians.

"The fact of the matter which gun control just blatantly ignores is
that evil will do evil things and banning particular tools is not
going to change things," he said.

Later in the day, far fewer gun control supporters wrote the names of
those killed or injured in gun violence on hearts made from
construction paper and placed them into a basket before lying on the
grass outside the Capitol for three minutes to signify the time it
takes to purchase a gun. As they lay, some weeping softly, about a
dozen gun rights advocates, many with guns in holsters on their hips,
watched nearby.

"It should not be a party issue. It should be a public safety issue,"
Lori Haas, whose daughter Emily was shot and wounded at Virginia Tech,
said about gun control. "And we should be able to count on our
legislators to vote on laws that protect the public."



Gun rights supporters rally at Va Capitol -

Gun rights supporters rally at Va Capitol January 18, 2010 - 12:56pm
Associated Press

RICHMOND, Va. - Hundreds of Virginians rallied in support of bills
that would allow concealed handguns to be carried in more places and
make it easier to get both guns and the permits.
Guns rights advocates who rallied Monday at the Capitol decried Senate
Democrats, who planned to put at least one more anti-gun Democrat on a
key committee that hears all gun bills. Gun supporters had hoped to
get more bills enacted this year because Republican Gov. Bob
McDonnell, who took office on Saturday, supports gun rights.

Former Gov. Tim Kaine often vetoed pro-gun bills.

Bills have been filed to repeal the law that limits gun purchases to
one a month, to allow concealed guns on school property, in
courthouses and in restaurants and to make it easier to get a
concealed carry permit.



Lobbyists Packing Heat in Virginia | NBC Washington

Packing Heat at the Va. CapitolGun owners push to loosen laws

By JULIE CAREYUpdated 6:41 PM EST, Mon, Jan 18, 2010

David Sutherland
It was easy to spot one group lobbying in Richmond today -- they were
the folks with loaded handguns at their sides.

Every year the Virginia Citizens Defense League holds its pistol-
packing lobby day to push for gun law reforms.

With Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell freshly sworn in, gun rights
advocates see this session as their best chance in years to push for
less regulation. Sporting fluorescent stickers that declared "Guns
Save Lives," they said it's high time to repeal the law that bans
concealed weapons in restaurants that serve alcohol.

They also want lawmakers to lift the ban on buying one handgun a
month. And they'd like to be able to apply for a concealed weapons
permit by mail, without the messy requirement of fingerprinting.

Typically, bills pushed by the gun rights activists win approval in
the Republican-dominated House but end up being spiked in the
Democratic-controlled Senate. It remains to be seen whether having the
first GOP governor in eight years will help the cause of gun owners in
the 2010 session.


Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Pro-gun, states-rights rally draws 1,000 to Capitol | Richmond Times-Dispatch

Pro-gun, states-rights rally draws 1,000 to Capitol
Gun rights advocates turned out in force on Capitol Square today.
Several in the crowd were seen carrying weapons. [PVC:
Several?!!???!!! ;-) ]

A pro-gun, pro-states rights rally at the state Capitol this morning
drew roughly 1,000 people who were encouraged afterward to file into
the General Assembly Building to lobby their legislators.
They are among several groups lobbying state lawmakers today,
including mental-health and public safety advocates and the anti-tax
group Americans for Prosperity.

The rally crowd is interested in two bills in particular. House Bill
10 "protects an individual's right and power to participate, or to
decline to participate, in a health-care system or plan."

House Bill 69 says firearms and ammunition made in Virginia and
retained here are not subject to federal law or regulation under the
authority of Congress to regulate interstate commerce.

"I support freedom," said Harry Holt, a Midlothian resident, who was
handing out stickers. "I think the federal government is overreaching
their power too quickly and too pervasively."

Del. Charles W. Carrico Sr., R-Grayson, stood before the crowd and
recited the words of Patrick Henry, echoing sentiments written on
several signs: the states have rights.

"Are we going to be free men or are we going to be slaves to the
federal government of the United States?" he asked.


Photos courtesy Old Virginia News (

Gun Owners Lobby Day 2010 Old Virginia News


VA-ALERT is a project of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.
(VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization
dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to
Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

VCDL web page: Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL) []

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"It should not be a party issue. It should be a public safety issue,"
Lori Haas, whose daughter Emily was shot and wounded at Virginia Tech,
said about gun control. "And we should be able to count on our
legislators to vote on laws that protect the public."

The funny thing is that she is spot on! Absolutly, we should count on them to vote on laws that protect the public...

By allowing them to protect themselves and their loved ones from criminals who will continue to ignore every gun control law that gets passed.

Somehow, I don't think that's how she meant the comment when she said it though. :image035:
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