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Locksaf Biometric Safe

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I purchased one of these safes a few weeks ago. I was impressed with the build quality. It definitely isn't your big box store gun safe. This is actually a decent safe. But the biometric scanner seems to be very dependent on how you swipe your finger. If you do it right it opens 100% of the time. I have been having a problem with getting the safe to open consistently so I emailed the company for advice. The next day I got an email from the president of the company. In the email he told me to contact him and gave his cell phone number. When I didn't contact him immediately he wrote again two days later to follow up. I told him I haven't contacted him yet since I normally don't get home from work until late and wanted to be in front of the safe when I called. He responded that I can call any time. I am off work tomorrow so I will call then. I really hope he is able to give me some advice that works. I really want to like this safe but if it doesn't open successfully for me then I will have to return it.

It is so rare for a company to provide this level of customer service I am thoroughly impressed. That is another reason why I want to like this safe. I want to support a company like this.

All that being said does anyone have any experience with this safe or any other biometric safe? If so which other brand and how did/do you like it?
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I have a biometric lock on my work laptop and have ran into the same issue you have. Swiping is all about timing and how hard you press. Ok for a laptop since I'm not in a hurry... definitely not something I want on a 'quick access' safe.
Google problems wih biometric or quick access safes and see if you still want to keep it.
I agree with the others. Biometric locks like that depend on the angle you hold your finger, pressure, how fast you swipe (unless it's a static, full-print scanner), whether your fingers are dirty, if you've used lotion, how old you are (not kidding, fingerprints can get shallower and harder to read with age), papercuts... They're cool for things that aren't time-sensitive, but I'd really hate to be trying to get a gun out of a biometrically-locked safe in the middle of an adrenaline dump with a BG traipsing down the hallway.
Wish you would have asked first. I have half a dozen gun safes and could have told you that the biometric ones are not as reliable as the GunVault type with the finger groves and buttons. The biometric require a good read of your finger and not the quick sweaty swipe that you are likely to provide when you are in a hurry to get your gun before you are killed. There was an article in one of the gun rags last year which tested the biometrics against the traditional push button ones and it lost due to the problem you mentioned.
I've looked at the Gunvault type safe and they are so crappy. I have seen so many videos of them being opened with a paperclip or some other method to bypass the lock. I have looked at the Fort Knox and Vline safes and they look sturdy and secure. I really only use the safe so someone who doesn't need access to my gun, roommates, children, etc, doesn't have access.

Does any one have a recommendation for a good safe? I still have time to return this safe and get something else.
I have a Gunvault SV500 biometric, I scanned my thumb a few different times at different angles. It solved the problem of having to have to swipe your finger the exact same every time. I have it mounted on the back of my nightstand and it works great.
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