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I signed up on the site Sunday night and since, when I have tried to load the page, I would get that error page that it was unavailable and when it DID come up, there was not a logon link. Even when I clicked on the REGISTER link or FORUM ling, I would get that same page, is not available. Were you working on the page??
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It\'s possible I was working on it on Sunday when you had the problem. I have been working on it almost constantly for the last week. I don\'t know if I did anything that would have caused that particular problem. No one else has reported any similar problems.

Is this still happening?

Thanks for getting back with me, Of course, I was able to sign on last night. But this morning around 11am EST, the page would not load so I left it. Come back tonight and it loaded right up.

I dunno
I also had a problem around that time. However it was not just with this site. I suspect there was a core router issue somewhere for a few minutes or a DNS problem based on the errors I was seeing. Sorry, I\'m a professional geek.
I\'m not sure what it could be there are so many potential problems with my server, your ISP\'s server, name servers, etc. I have never experienced the problem nor had anything similar reported. If anyone else has this occur, please let me know.

AAs an aside I will be increasing bandwidth, disk storage and upgrading to the new version of XMB over the next few weeks (not until after New Years) so hopefully response time will improve. :)
Bumper, I just logged on from my laptop and when the main page loads, I get the page is unavailable screen but when I push the F5(refresh), it will come up. Then, I have to scroll down to where you have the \"register\" link, the page loads but comes up unavailable. When I push the F5 key again, it loads and then I\'m good to go. Dunnno

Also, should there be a logon link on the main page?? I have to go down and click on the \"Register\" link.
On the main page there should be an area to enter your username and password. We also use cookies (don\'t worry, I don\'t use them for anything sneaky) and if you just leave the site without logging out, you will already be logged in when you come back. If there is no place available to login, look in the upper right and see if it says \"Logged in as JCox\" indicating you did not log off when you left the forum last time.

And don\'t worry, I am a professional geek as well ;)
:D Okay, I have figured this out. For some reason I had to go in under privacy setting and allow cookies by inserting and in order for me not to get the \"Unavailable Page\"

I have both addresses bookmarked. I have noticed this. If you go to, there is no log on link. You have to click on one of the \"FORUM\" links in order for it to re-direct yo to OR you can just enter and THAT one has the logon link.

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Yup, if you just enter the \"\" or \"\" you get an introductory page that is in place so search engines and those that didn\'t have the full URL can find us. Those pages need to get a re-do soon but I have been swamped here for the last couple of weeks (not complaining mind ya) and just have not had time.

Cookies are required by the software. It helps keep those that don\'t want to always log in to avoid logging in every time (just never log out). Don\'t worry, I don\'t use the cookies for any other purposes. If you are already logged in, you won\'t get a login area on the main page. It will also tell you \"Logged in as <membername> in the upper right corner of the page.

To avoid the lead in page just bookmark it when you get to the forum, of course. BTW, no matter which of the above URLs you enter from you get the same forum.
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