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Long johns, wife beater, strapped on pistol, and a spot light.

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OK the title describes me this morning around 5-6 o'clock.

Last night I get home just after midnight (2nd Shift). Check on the little one and then check on the wife. First thing I notice is an empty holster on my side of the bed. Woke the wife up and asked what was "going on". She said that our pup, Killian a three year old 120lb golden retriever, was acting up and she thought she heard voices so she grabbed the Sig out of the safe and made the rounds to make sure the house was locked up and no one was around.

I open the safe and re-holstered the Sig making sure a round was loaded and that the mag was properly seated then I returned the weapon to the safe still carrying my cc xd. I rechecked all the locks and "cleared" all the rooms in the house just to make sure.

During my nightly routine of wasting time on the PC I hear my pup barking. No big deal. We live in the sticks and he barks at the neighbors horse. He barks at the deer until he figure out what they are, and he even barks just so I will feed the cats so I know just by instinct that he's just at the what is that stage and not something unusual. Well about 5 min later he starts barking again but this time it a different tone and cadence one that grabs my attention and makes me grab the spot light (2 million candle watt) and pull my cover shirt out of my waistband to clear a draw for my XD SC9 out of my belly-band.

I run outside but by the time I get there Killian is already around the house and is giving chase. Then I hear a yelp. Just one. At this point I re-enter the house lock the door and position myself in the doorway between our bedroom and and the nursery. After a couple of minutes of vigilant watching and listening I start checking out the house again. The front of the house is seems clear and the motion light are not activated so I got to the back deck. Nothing, I call for my dog again nothing. Its around 2:30 so I decide I will stay up a little longer.

Around 3:00 I heard a thump on the front porch. Its Killian, I take him out some treats and pat him down to check for any injures. Nothing, seems to be the theme of the night. So I go to bed.

Around 5:30 or 6am the wife wakes me and hands me our son. She's getting a shower and he wants to cuddle so I tuck him in bed with me and drop back to sleep. Less than 10 min later Killian starts growling and barking again. I hear another yelp. I grab my Belly-band out of the safe pull on some thermals and a wife beater. In less than a min I'm heading out the door in my thermals with a pistol strapped to my waist toting a big spot light. I'm expecting a **** or fox. I shine the light off the porch and see two huge Saint Barnard's. As soon as they heard me calling Killian back they take off. Well sometime during the procedure I had drawn my weapon without direct though. My finger never touched the trigger or enter the guard but It did catch me by surprise.

Well I pat Killian down again checking for injures and on the top of his back right above his shoulders is a 3"x3" area of blood but no wounds on Killian.

Just wanted to share:p Thought I would make a semi interesting story and give a funny mental image of a skinny ******* running around in his underwear carrying a spotlight with a pistol strapped on.

I still don't know where the blood came from. I called the owners of the St. Barnard's and she said her husband was working out of town but she would try to check her dogs if she could get them to return.( Side-note: She was apologetic about the situation and reassured me that the usually only let one out of the fenced area at a time so the stay close to the house.) Both of her dogs are registered as is mine making them pretty expensive dogs. I assured her back that as long as the posed no danger to my family or my pets that I wouldn't bother or hurt them.

I got a call a couple of hours ago and two locals just jumped "the largest wildcat we've ever seen" less than 200yds from my house. Since you don't get to see wildcats very often I don't know how much credibility they have on the topic but apparently someone had placed a blue tub full of pig heads and guts at the local welfare dump site , you know the place on the side of the road where they can just drop it and let it roll down hill. Anyway this seems to be attraction a lot of wild animals including bears and maybe a cougar even though the don't exist in the east and what everyones been seeing for the last ten years goes in the same files as the UFOs and moth man.:p
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It was a Sasquatch. LOL Great story. Nice to see at a pucker factor moment you employed proper weapons handling :rock::kay::rock:

Good story Glad all was well. Would deff be some pucker factor there at least you were ready with your chosen tools
I'd give that dog an extra pat or two.
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