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Look what I picked up today.

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It's a NAA 22LR with the Western style Belt buckle. I won't use the buckle for it but will keep it because it is cool.I will carry the revolver in a Gerber knife case. This gun is well made and pretty cool.


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I have looked at these forever, but can never bring myself to getting one since there are other firearms I need, but I keep looking at these things and would like to have one. Is it fun?

Have you checked out the Holster Grip yet?
I love those little things much are they going for these days ?
I went looking for the little NAA today in .22 LR but, they only had 1 in .22 MAG.

I used to have one with the belt buckle.

Back then they attached differently. You had to replace one screw in the frame with a special lathe turned part. Then you pushed a button and the revolver could fall out into your hand.
I have not shot it yet. I got it in a trade for two Raven 25s and some ammo.I hope to shoot it sure is a cool little gun.
Yeah! haven't seen one of those rigs in a decade or two. Almost forgot about 'em.

What a collector piece!

I have several of the NAA revolvers. They are very well made and accurate out to 15 - 20 feet. Congrats on your new little monster. You'll have fun shooting it and when you can't carry anything bigger, your little buddy can tag along with you. good luck.
I had one with an engraved cylinder in .22 mag. I would buy another one in a heartbeat
That is a great collection piece. I'd keep it in the buckle, but don't carry it for anything more than a conversation piece. There are so many better choices.
These are great little last ditch guns and I had one in 22 Magnum at one time. I was a little surprised at the performance of the 22 Maggie after I first shot it to be truthful. Its' expansion was not great but that little round has some penetration potential! The gun and rig you picked up is a great little collection piece, so congrats!!
What they don't come up with. Nice looking little gun there.
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