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Looking for 1911 video

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I've been thinking of getting a Springfield 1911 as my carry gun. I now carry a P220 Sig. It has been years since i've broken down a 1911
Does anyone know were I can find a good video that will show me step by step how to disassemble a 1911 to clean it good? I know there is more to taking a 1911 apart then there is to my Sig.
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If you're looking for a basic field stripping/routine maintenance/lubrication DVD you may consider "1911 .45 Auto-How to Shoot,Clean and Maintain" by Bill Wilson of Wilson Combat. Not only do you get the cleaning info, he also includes some basic shooting instruction as well. I picked mine up at a Gun Show for about $25.00, and I think they are available directly from the company as well @
This file in link below is not exactly in your required category but - if new to the 1911 it may well give you a lot of familiarization. I have this on one of my servers. Right click on the link and save Flash file to view at leisure.

By clicking on different squares lower left - you can make different stuff visible. Play with it - I think you will enjoy. The guy who made that did a great job IMO and he is apparently working on making a 3D animation.

Superb Flash Animation of functioning 1911
A look at the 1911 forum might be in order. There's usually a good bit of info to be had there.

Springfield manual is pretty clear for cleaning
For detail stripping of a 1911 there is no better video than Wilson's mentioned above.

It is really fool proof if you watch and pause the video at each step. You can learn exactly how to do it properly.

It's the second video down on this link. $24.95
American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) also makes good videos. I don't have a link but a google search should turn one up.
Thanks for all your help everyone
I have several AGI videos.

Worth the money, even if you only have to watch them once or twice.
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