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Looking for a fixed blade 2.5 inch or under

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I'm looking for a fixed blade that is 2.5 inch or under (preferably closer to 2.5 inch) that i can carry in Chicago. Any suggestions? I already have the kabar tdi
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about 6 months ago, I was looking for a 2" (no longer) fixed blade to carry on campus. you might find this thread helpful
This past Christmas my son in laws and grandsons got Esee Izula II. They were a big hit. My wife has the CRKC Mini Bowie. It is a much better knife than I thought it would be. Those are the only two models that I have any experience with, and I don't own any of them, but am familiar enough with them that I don't hesitate to recommend them.
Having lived in Chicago ...They make a Chicago knife no joke Spyderco makes one just for Chicago ..

Made to be legal to all the stupid crap there

and up side is of all the small knifes the sypers will be the easier to open fast as a last ditch iteam

'Spyderco Chicago

Laws. Whether necessary, good, or just nutty, they're intended to establish order and ward-off chaos. When our government and society implement rules we do our best to live within their parameters.

As an example, many U.S. metropolitan cities draw the line for carrying pocketknives in public to knives with blades two-inches in length or under. Welcome to Chicago! If I were a Chicagoan and carried a pocketknife regularly, I might be inclined (as a law abiding citizen) to carry a tool falling under this city's restriction.

The Spyderco C130G Chicago is just that. Two-inches of flat ground CTS BD1 blade urbanely outfitted with black G-10 handle scales and Michael Walker LinerLock®. The handle is shaped and sized ergonomically with full-length skeletonized liners inside for strength without bulk or weight.

Its leaf-like shaped blade effectively cuts across the board, from significant strenuous cuts like carpet and poly rope to something as simple as fingernail cleaning or scraping tape off of glass.

A deep pocket clip burrows the knife down into a pant's pocket with the tip facing up ready to carry left- or right-handed. This one is for Chicagoans or anyone looking for a city/suit knife"
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Spyderco Dragonfly in ZDP 189 steel. I have more than a dozen folders and this one has been in my pocket (when I am in town) since I bought it . (For outdoors I usually carry a Spyderco Delica or Para Military). I use the Dragonfly almost every day and all I have done to keep it sharp over the last 3 years is an occasional swipe with a steel and a couple of real sharpenings with a Spyderco Sharpmaker
Yeah it is frustrating looking through Spydercos line of knives, they've got stuff made to comply with Chicago law and some places in europe. Worthless crap in my opinion but people do live in these areas and it must be great for them to be able to get a quality knife that won't make them a criminal where they live. I'm sure other knife makers make these submissive knives also. Good luck finding what you want and can have.
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