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Looking For Links to Colt Pistols

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Like it says looking for various sites so i can do some more research thx in Advance

Bud :vikings15
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Try over at
Scroll down to Colt, and have a lookee see. Probably got just what yer looking for.

Hope this helps,

That works good for the auto but need some for the Wheelies :fishing:
Colts website unless you want the colt clones then I would try
Thanks for the links i was looking for more info than colt website offers .. wait they still sell a revolver.. lol

Was just trying to find out if there was a resource for them like there is for 1911's
I don't know about snubbies but for us hicks they still sell the Peacemakers
yeah overpriced though ... my newest colt is a anaconda before that its MKIII trooper so im going back aways i would love to have a peacemaker but too over priced
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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