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Looking For Tactical Training/Force on Force Reality Training in Michigan

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Hey everyone,

I have spent the last two days (about 10 total hours) on this Forum and must say I love it. Like a great club with most of the tips and answers anyone is looking for.

My question is that I am interested in doing some reality based training or some type of senario training like ones that are offered at the Suarez School. I just can't pick up and go out of state to do it. Is anyone aware of such training anywhere in Michigan. I am in the Southwest area but could travel anywhere in the state. My other thought was to get a bunch of us 'southwest Michigan' guys and have the Suarez group come out here. They do it all the time and it seems like an affordable thing to do providing we could get enough people together to make it cost effective.

I am always thinking about what I would do if this or that happend...I believe it keeps you sharp. But this type of practice is hard to do by yourself at your local gun club, and dosen't prepare you for the actual event of someone running at you.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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If you are willing to drive I believe TDI in southern Ohio has a very good rep.

I've not attended any of their courses yet, though my brother went to the Handgun 1-3 course. He had nothing but good things to say about them.
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