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Looking into an M16 style build, need brands

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So I picked up an AR back in June and I ended up getting a 16" rifle just because that is what everyone sells. I'm really hoping that this panic blows over by June or July, so when/if that happens, I'd really like to buy a 20" one and get it built like an M16A2 or an A4, only without the fun switch.

I know BCM, Armalite, and Del-Ton both make a 20" AR, and PSA makes uppers and kits. Does anyone else know what other mid-upper/upper tier manufacturers make a plain jane A2/A4 rifle anymore?
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I know Daniel Defense makes uppers with 18" barrels, and they rock!
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I agree above... Daniel Defense uppers are fantastic...:haha:
Daniel Defense is great, but they don't make anything in the 20" department, or the plain jane department.
Armalite offers lots of plain jane A2/A4 models with 20" barrels. You can go through them all Here.

Maybe something like this?

M-15 A2 RIFLE - The Service Model

I can't offer any personal experience about Armalite's quality, but I haven't heard anything bad about them. I'm sure someone else could chime in.
I have a post-ban (1994) style bushmaster A2 with-out the fun switch obviously. It has a 20" H-Bar ( Heavy Barrel). It is 1/9 twist and does not have the threaded type flash hider nor the bayonet lug. All of which can now be had. I have done some upgrades to it but like the old look. I bought this rifle when it wasnt cool to own an AR type rifle right before the ban ended. Accuracy is good off hand for .223. I zeroed it at 50yrd and can hold a 1.5" group with factory ammo on a good day (when it is available). Here is a pic for your reference
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Sometimes you can actually find surplus FN M16A2 uppers on places like gunbroker. That's the route I took, and I have it mated with an Armalite lower and a Colt M16 BCG in it. Quite happy.
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