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Lucas gun oil

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Has anyone heard of this gun oil. My son just started working at o'rileys auto parts and said they had it. Just wondering if anyone uses it and if its worth while.
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Lucas by reputation is good product. I did not know that they made a gun oil. I will have to try and find some and try it out.
I use their engine additives. Love them.

Lucas Gun Oil : Lucas Oil
I moved to central Indiana a few years ago where Lucas Oil is a pretty big deal (The Indy Colts play at "Lucas Oil" Stadium in downtown Indianapolis, for example). On the advice of a neighbor, I tried Lucas Gun Oil on my Hi-Power and Colt 1911 not too long after settling in. Since that initial exposure, I have been using it for lubricating all of my weapons, though I still usually use Rem Oil for wiping and light cleaning.

What I like about the Lucas Gun Oil for lubrication is that it tends to stay where you put it, without exhibiting excess flow or drip, yet it has a silky lubricity that makes a gun's action function quietly and smoothly. I also like the distinctive pink color that makes it easy to see exactly where it has been applied. It is great for all of the temperature ranges I have experienced although I can not say that I have used it on weapons that have been outside for long periods of time below about 20 degrees. I have applied it directly from a bottle that had been in my truck at about zero and I did not notice any difference in the flow at zero than I would expect at room temperature. I suspect, but have no evidence, however, that it may thicken at extremely low temperatures if placed in a thin layer on extremely cold metal surfaces. I need to test that.

I have also found that Lucas Gun Oil has a very long persistence on stored weapons and EDC weapons. I can easily go weeks after cleaning and lubing a semi-automatic handgun and find that the level of lubrication is still exactly to my liking for an afternoon at the range. Other oils I have used tend to evaporate or dry up much more quickly than the Lucas product.

I use it on weapons with higher expected fire rates such as an AR-15 and have been well satisfied with the results. I know that Lucas Oil recently introduced a product called "Lucas Oil Extreme Duty Gun Oil" intended for automatic weapons and other high heat, heavy friction applications but I have not tried it due to my satisfaction with the original product for my applications.

I have tried to use Lucas Gun Oil to wipe down the exterior of metallic frames and slides but I think it is a bit too thick for that application. As mentioned, I tend to go back to Rem Oil for that application.

Finally...on the general subject of cleaning and lubing firearms I have to mention the best addition to my kit in the past several years. I am getting older and my eyes are not quite as sharp as they once were. I also find myself sometimes doing field tasks on the tailgate of a pickup truck under all kinds of light conditions. To give myself an advantage I bought a decent headlamp. No kidding, what a revolution! I can actually see what I am doing while still having both hands free to perform any work necessary. Under the brilliant beam of a narrowly focused head lamp little bits of dirt or grime stand out like boulders. I will never be without a headlamp in my gun cleaning kit again. It is just as useful to me when cleaning guns at home on my workbench.

OK...that's all free, for what it is worth. lol
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I have used well...but the odor pretty much stopped me from using it.
I have it. I use it.
I agree with the above poster. It seems to stay in place and not run off or dry up with no build up
Just make sure you don't buy this stuff by mistake!

Gun Oil Silicone Lubricant For Men - 4oz
This one's been collecting dust for quite awhile !!! I have just started testing the Lucas Extreme Oil as it's a little thicker (not grease like) than Rand Oil. As previously mentioned--it stays where you put it AND many good reviews on it. Lucas certainly has been around for awhile !!
We'll see...….
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My department uses Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil and has for a few years. Pretty sure we initially got some samples from the Sig LE Rep and some new Sig guns comes with sample packets of Lucas. We have never had any complaints or issues and our firearms see a lot of different weather and less than ideal conditions. We also shoot a lot more than other LE agencies.

ETA: Did not initially see that this was a necra-thread resurrected from 2013.
I saw some at my local auto parts store on a display. I will have to try some. Thanks to all who posted about it.
I bought some a while back but haven't used it yet....I'm trying to use up my current supply of clp. I am glad to read positive reviews here.
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