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M&P 40c w/Crimson Trace?

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Anyone out there own or have shot one? What are your impressions? I feel the CT would be very helpful because my farsightedness isn't getting any better:mad:. You also save $ when you buy them already installed by S&W. I have an opportunity to purchase a NIB for $750 otd. Thanks
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I have a full size M&P .40 with the CT grips and love em. As with most gadgets it's a very useful tool but recommend practice with AND without them on for any just in case situations. CT's website has an option for a "FREE" low light DVD instructional video that's pretty good to watch and learn from.

Some Self Defense situations you'd probably not really need the laser while there may be others where it could make the difference in your going home and not to the morgue or hospital.
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