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M4 / CARBINE 1 (1) Day starting @ 9am

This course is designed to develop a solid foundation of shooting skills with the M4/ carbine rifle. The student will quickly gain experience and confidence, increasing their skill level with the handgun and carbine and learning to use both in a tactical situation.

Prerequisites: Basic Pistol Skills

Cost: $150.00


• Safety 4 Firearms Safety Rules
• Fundamentals of Marksmanship Focusing on Front Sight & Trigger Control
• Malfunctions Drills Type I, Type II, Type III & Status Check
• Nomenclature
• Armorer Maintenance & Proper Lubrication
• Magazine Changes & Weapons Handling Skills
• Shooting behind cover and from barricades
• Transition from Carbine to Handgun

This is a Fundamentals course that stresses Safety, Handling skills and Marksmanship. This course or its equivalent must be mastered before a student can progress to CCJA Tactical / Carbine 2 training.

Ammunition Requirements: 500 rounds Carbine 100 rounds of Handgun

Gear: Rifle / Carbine M4, AR-15, M16, AK, H&K, FN
Tactical Sling,(3) 30 Round Magazines, Magazine pouch, Handgun in Semi-auto Strong side holster, 3 Magazines, Magazine pouch, Handheld Light / pouch, Spare Batteries, Knee Pads, Water and Snacks, Wrap Around Eye Protection (clear) Ear Protection (electronic muffs recommended) Baseball style hat, Gloves, Weapons Lube & tools, spare parts or spare firearms.

For more information or to register for this course contact:

Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy
[email protected]
(540) 322-3000
(540) 846-7088

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God I cant beleive I missed this, would have been the perfect Xmas present to myself.

2 questions.. Are all of your carbine classes like this? And when will you have carbine classes available in 2010.

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