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Mag release location

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Reading another thread prompted me to start this thread because of some of the comments.

I have pulled my weapon for the day twice and found the Mag loose in my life on separate weapons of different makes, both had the common grip mounted mag release button. I remembered years ago having several Euro weapons with the heel release and thought what a silly, cheep, way to do something. BUT

I recently acquired a P64 (Polish militilary/police surplus sort of Walther clone) that has the heel release and I'm kinda rethinking my take on the location. Sort of like a safety that is not 100% reliable (I know we never treat them as such but you know what I mean) a mag release that might even only once cause you to drop the mag in an emergency situation is not a good thing and maybe should be rethought. The weapon was designed by Polish military officers who were looking at Makarovs and Walthers (supposedly) to design a weapon that was their take on improvement. There is no clear lineage from Eastern Block weapons design that would prompt them to automatically decide on heel release since they were building a weapon to replace the Tokarev( Tokarev has release located similar to 1911).

Prompting the thought

Maybe it has been thought out and decided by some that the extra time it might take to change out a mag might be worth the better guarantee that the mag will be in its place when/if it was needed.

Some of you LEO and combat vets chime in on the real actual times you have ever really changed out a mag in combat. I know we all want the ability to reload at lightning speed but what about "Murphy's Law" and the fact we also don't want to draw and wonder what that sound was when the mag fell free and either the trigger didn't work (mag safety) or the weapon only had 1 round to fire.

Just something I been thinking about
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