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Major Norm Belson, Inc. ???

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I simply cannot afford the $400 advanced CCW classes that I've read so much about, especially as I'd be looking for training for two. (My wife and I.)

My military (and other) training gives me something of an edge, but my wife doesn't have a background that would help. So, I think some form of training would benifit both of us.

Lookiing around, I've found one school that would be in our price range and the instructor list some pretty good credentials on his web site. Most all that I've read on the web site leads me to think this school might be a good one for us.

The name of the school is Major Norm Belson, Inc. and is located in Clearwater, Fl. The web site is

Anyone know anything about this school? Been to it, perhaps?

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Are you searching for a class that meets Florida's proficiency requirements in order to get y'all's Concealed Weapons License.... or are you looking for more in-depth training?
If it's the former, many Sheriff Offices in Florida will do that for free. Of course, your active duty time will suffice in your case.
If you are looking for in-depth training, I have no opinion on Major Belson, as I've never heard of him.
I plan on getting into one of Randy Cain's classes, at Southern Exposure one of these days, but it won't be this year.
Good luck. :smile:

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I know Norm from years ago -- he was a reserve officer for the Clearwater Police Department. He is a very intense kind of guy. I hear his classes do a lot of shooting.

He is probably a viable alternative. However, Randy Cain, as noted above--is world class. But yes, its mostly multi-day classes for about $400. Well worth it if you can invest the money.

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Appreciate the guidance, gents! :smile:

Yes, I used my Navy DD214 for my CCW, which they tell me is now "in the mail." If I could have found it, I'd have included my separation papers from the FLARNG, as that one listed my MOS as 11B.

My wife needs the "basic" and I'd like for both of us to take at least one "advanced" course. I was familiar with Southern Exposure, but it would be cost prohibitive, especially with both of us attending.

We'll look further into the Clearwater school. To tell the truth, if I could find an old-fashioned "plinking pit" where we could set up multiple targets and do some "shootin' & movin'" from the carry, I'd just about settle for that. But some face-to-face with a qualified instructor would be best.

I hear we might be able to join the club up in Hernando County and do some of that, at their range.



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As an alternative, I'd suggest you check out the OPS defensive handgun class taught by Jim Clark in Ruskin.

Jim's # is 813-719-0091

One full day. Around 250-300 rounds. $145 IIRC.

I just took the class in Feb., and I was very impressed with it. PM me for more info if you'd like.


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I don't put alot stock into these schools and stuff. I also have military training and I think most of us have really gotten away from just good old practice. Our Grandfathers and Dads only had military training if that and they did well.

When the school phase began in what I think was the early to late 70's most of these guys seen it as a way to get paid selling their knowledge. I just can't see myself seeking to some guy to place on a throne and call him god of CCW or otherwise for a thousand or more dollars.

I would say if you don't have the money, don't worry just practice and it will all come together. Get to know your weapon and practice with it review what you learned in the service and trust me when you need it, it is amazing how well military training really stays in there.
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