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Man sues police for shooting him "3 times too many". Idiot.

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I borrowed this from another forum. Thought yall would like to see it. This is the main reason not to leave breath in an *******'s lungs.

Lawsuit claims cop fired too many times
Last Updated Mar 10 2005 11:03 AM AST
CBC News

HALIFAX – A man is suing the Halifax police officer he claims shot him three times too many.

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday, William Tolway, 37, says it was "not necessary" for the officer to fire his gun more than twice during an incident March 9, 2004.

Tolway was in a second-storey apartment in Halifax when police arrived as part of an investigation into two armed bank robberies.

When Tolway allegedly panicked and lunged at the officers with a knife, an officer fired off five shots. At least three hit Tolway, according to the suit.

In court documents, Tolway says the first two shots were legitimate but the other three "were unlawful" whether they hit him or not. The situation was under control by the second shot, he claims.

Both the officer and the Halifax Regional Municipality are named as defendants. Tolway is seeking damages and costs.

Following the shooting, an internal investigation by Cape Breton Regional Police found that proper police procedures were followed.
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TravisABQ said:
Three times too few, I think.
You took the words right out of my mouth. It's amazing to me that society would even allow such a suit to be filed. We need tort reform in the worst way. I could rant on this type of thing all damned night....

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If the guy would learn to die quicker, the police wouldn’t have to shoot him so many times.

Oops, did I say die? I meant stop resisting arrest. :wink:

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"When Tolway allegedly panicked and lunged at the officers with a knife"

He is LUCKY to be alive & not wearing a designer toe tag. :dead:

He cashed in his doggone Ticket To Nowhere as soon as he aggressively lunged with a deadly weapon.

You're correct...he is a total idiot that does not know how to quit while he is ahead.
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