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Mark Garrity is building my BUG SH...

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A few day ago I posted a request for infomation that would hopefully lead me to a custom leather crasftsman to have a SH built for my LWS32.

Therein replied Mark Garrity of and stated he would be glad to undertake the project and for me to contact him for specifics. To be fair with Mark, he recommended that I try Pocket Carry, but when I contacted him via email, I made it very clear to him that carrying by SH was the only means of concealment I was seeking.

I contacted Mark via email and gave him specifics as to the design I was seeking. It was very apparent that Mr. Garrity had immence expertise in Holster making as he made a few recommendations that would enhance SH concealibility that I hadn't even considered.

Basically, the SH will be made of a leather holster dyed black and heavily boned to the LWS32. The straps will be made of thin adjustable Suede. This SH wil not have any tie-downs as it is meant to be worn under a dress/casual shirt. Therefore, Mark is designing the SH to have the Strap loop around my right arm and reconnect to the holster. I will be made without a Mag Pouch.

Here's a photo of the Belt Slide (OWB) Holster he makes for our Seecamps. He owns a Seecamp that he pocket carries regularly. He will use his Seecamp in the making of my SH.

One last thing. Mark stated he likes doing one-of-a-kind custom design work to a client's specs. He also stated that it may take a little longer to make due to the design and pattern lay-out, but he promised I'd get what I want.!!

The price........$79.55 shipped!

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Nice Bug Leather

Really super nice little holster.
Mark ~ Beautiful. :yup:
That sure is one heckova LOT of FINE detail boning & attention given to that Lil' Pipsqueak Bit Of Gunleather!:biggrin2:
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