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Martial Blade Concepts in Amarillo, Texas, May 05

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Martial Blade Concepts Level 1 & 2 in Amarillo
Sat & Sun May 14-15 2005 (Second weekend in May)
One day $175 Both days $300**Price will vary with number of enrollees: More students, cheaper class

Call Chuck (806) 517-0794 for reservations or info

Martial Blade Concepts(MBC) is an edged-weapon training program specifically designed to meet the needs of today\'s concerned citizen and armed professional. MBC is the official edged-weapon training program of the prestigious Masters of Defense knife company and their parent organization, BlackHawk Products Group.

If you own or carry a tactical folding knife, this Martial Blade Concepts will teach you skills to effectively use it. Michael Janich is no stranger to the blade, having shared his knowledge in books, articles, videos and seminars for many years now. Michael Janich is the founder of Martial Blade Concepts (MBC).

The MBC method develops “all-purpose” defensive skills. Rather than a large number of specific techniques to defend against specific attacks, MBC focuses on perfecting a few proven techniques and applying them to literally hundreds of different defensive situations. Through this easy-to-learn method, students develop defensive proficiency very quickly and have both the ability and the confidence to employ their skills after only a brief period of training.

This two-day program will cover Levels 1 and 2 of the MBC curriculum, including all the critical skills of standard-grip combative knife use.

Tuition* is $175.00 for the first day and $300 for both days and includes a folding training knife and an armguard (presented in Level 1 only).

Classes will be conducted from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM both days.

Enrollment is limited to 20 participants

The MBC Level 1 Course introduces the student to the fundamental skills and concepts of defensive knife use. It includes detailed, hands-on instruction in the following areas:
Martial knife grips
Angles of attack
Ballistic cutting and thrusting tactics
The use of natural body weapons in conjunction with the knife
The proven “Zone Defense” system that enables a practitioner to effectively defend himself against hundreds of different attacks by mastering a few basic defensive movements.
Reflex training drills that quickly develop spontaneous defensive reactions
Critical defensive applications
Inside tips on defensive knife selection and evaluation
Secrets of tactical folding knife carry and deployment
High-speed one-handed opening techniques

The MBC Level 2 Course builds upon the foundation of knowledge and skills established in Level 1. It introduces the student to advanced standard-grip training methods and reveals the tactical and physiological secrets of quickly disabling an armed attacker with a knife. This course includes targeted instruction in the following topics:
Advanced training drills to develop conditioned defensive reflexes to virtually any type of attack

Advanced combative applications
Coordinating empty-hand striking and “live hand” checking with the defensive use of the knife
“Speed Stops” – high-speed, fight-stopping tactics that will enable you to quickly, humanely and legally end a fight with an edged weapon
Combination cutting and the concept of cutting on retraction
Speed strips” and spontaneous weapon disarming