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Maryland CC Stats

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Well there has been a few threads on the quest for "shall carry" here in Maryland. Our main CC web site now has the stats on issued permits.

I think the page is a bit much for pasting the whole thing in, so the URL is provided for your surfing pleasure. :smile:

Anyhow the bottom line is, it appears that there are about 40,000 permits. Most of those are appear to be issued to retired Police and Corrections folks. The ones issued to "security" are usually only good "on the job" and not for general carry. Out of all these 661 were issued for "protection/death threat".

Makes for interesting (and sad) reading. :frown:
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Rick - Despite being in the lucky position of having and enjoying PA carry rights - I am still always angered by the MD situation.

Maybe just because of having to try not to even enter the state, which in other respects I like a lot - well particularly out to the West.

No - it's also a matter of principle - and seeing so many folks betrayed. I am not sure without checking what the pop' is, knowing that the bulk is of course in the east - but 40,000 permits is not that many anyways - and only for the ''elite''. :frown:

As well as the CCW tho they need to change the crazy law about guns in vehicles and not being able to stop - for rest break, gas or anything supposedly.

Can but hope one day sense will prevail and hope the efforts of the fine folks trying so hard with MSI - it will happen.
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