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Mauser HSc .380

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Whats the skinny on these? Anyone with some expirence? There is one at the local gun shop, just came in and looks identical to this one. Price is $325 but was thinking it may be good for my wife. Just wondering how they are before I bring her into to see it.
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Hello. I've not shot one in 30 years, but it grouped well, had a tough DA trigger pull and was picky with JHP's. I don't know if spare parts are readily available for the gun or spare magazines.

An honest-to-goodness real german made steel mauser is quality. The same quality as Walther...
Thye're REALLY nice guns........I've had a couple myself...........shoot well...........get the INTERARMS one (the OLDER GUNS) with the narrow grips...(bluse padded box)....not the wider one.............. they have a Euro mag release that closes the slide upon insertion..........we have 2 of em at the store in blue....
The HK 4 model (looks like a Sig) is nice too............with the HK4, you can change BBLs........... how bout a Manuin Walther PPKs? cheapo bucks (about 295.00)
I had one for my wife. Beautiful gun. It was too big and too heavy with a terrible DA trigger, to only be a 380.
here's the HK4 info..
IF you EVER see one made by Harrington and Richardson........GRAB IT........VERY desirable indeed.....

The HSC pistol too
My first semi was a Mauser Hsc .380....still have it. Shoots good and is pretty accurate too. However, and I've never figured out why, but it hurts my trigger finger every time I shoot it. I'm not talking about "after" a few rounds, I mean every darn shot. I like the .380 and have considered selling mine to get perhaps a PPK, but being it was my first, I'm a little sentimental on it. I've seen them at local guns shows for about $350-$400 depending on whether has original box, two mags, etc. :smile:
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