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Maxpedition Proteus

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Anyone have any experience with this pack?
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Nope but I have a Maxpedition pack but always forget the model. I don\'t care too much for fanny packs.
I was interested in it mostly as a small bag to carry my normal \"gotta have close to me\" gear, not as a fanny pack. I actually like the SpecOps organizer that coma posted on an earlier thread. There is a Maxpedition pack (Condor) that I like, as well. Maxpedition has one of the best reputations for tactical packs and soft gear.
Bumper, check out Mountain Smith Lumbar Series. When I served my country, my unit got a GSA from this company for our packs. They are bombproof.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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