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Mega holster maker's links list - thread updated

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This is an edit - to clarify the status quo --------

The original list I posted, which was snagged from THR, I have removed now - it was some while ago converted into a new web page, which I am hosting and maintaining. Over time odd new links have come along - plus a dead link or two have appeared.

I have a few ''latecomers'' on the page for now but will reshuffle soon and hopefully snag any dead links - or at least not leave them live. I put it off tho as it takes a while to sort out.

Right now - the link for the ''mega list'' is in our links bar top part of page - or this - MEGA HOLSTER LINKS PAGE
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Hey Chris, Thanks!!!
I have been looking for a new holster and now my choices have just jumped exponetially.
:danceban: :banana:

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Enhanced List

George - I'll leave this list but emphasize to folks that all this and much more is now contained in the mega list

Please do not use the list below. It is still here just to make the post sensible. Several of the links are no longer active. Instead use mega list which is the current list.

Chris, here is the list you posted with the duplicates removed, alphabetized, with 20+ additional sites added. I did not check the links on your list to make sure that they work, but I do know the ones I added work.

What can I say, it's the reference librarian in me.:yup:

Ky-Tac Kydex Tactical Gear

A Better Holster

Ace Case Manufacturing, LLC - Holsters Resources and Information. This website is for sale!


carbines alm real estate apartment at

Andrews Custom Leather

Welcome to ELB Internet Services of Westfield, New Jersey (NJ)

Beltster, concealed carry holsters, colt handguns, glock handguns, leather gun holsters



Brigade Holsters- Leather Gun Holsters & Accessories

Holsters Concealment Systems Gunleather Concealed Carry for Weapons

Bulman Gunleather Concealment Systems

Welcome to C. Rusty Sherrick Custom Leather Works On-line Catalog!! Index

CCWSUPPLY.BIZ - Products and Info For Those Who Carry Concealed

Page Not Found

Cobra Gunskin | Weapons Accessories | The First Line of Supportâ„¢

Western Gun Belts, Western Holsters, Gun Leather, Custom Chaps & ******


AKJ Concealco LLC - Concealment gun holsters, personal defense related equipment, and other gunleather.

Concealment Shooting Equipment Handgun Gun Cases

Coronado Leather, makers of handcrafted, concealment leatherwear for law enforcement and those interested in high quality leather jackets, handbags and carrycases for firearm concealment

Del Fatti Leather

DeSantis Holster & Leather Goods

El Paso Saddlery - Holsters

FIST, Inc.

Fobus Holsters : Fobus USA

Mika's Pocket Holsters - Custom Made Pocket Holsters, Waistband Holsters, Vest Holsters, Tactical Pocket Mirrors And Much More.

Garrity's Gunleather - Exquisite Hand-Crafted Holsters

Welcome to the Ghost Holster Experience

Gould & Goodrich | Welcome

Graham's Custom Gun Leather


Holster Page-O'Rourke Leather

GunGear - Full Line of Gun Accessories, Holsters, Concealed Fanny Packs & Purses, Gun Grips, Hunting Vests, Gun Cases

Nevada Gun Leather -- Gun holsters,concealment holsters,leather holsters,shoulder holsters,holsters - gun wraps Resources and Information. This website is for sale!

Haugen Handgun Leather ::: Quality Handcrafted Leather Goods For The Discriminating Shooter - concealment holsters, hunting holsters, cowboy holsters all hand made

H.B.E. Specialty LeatherWorks

Hedley Pocket Holsters

High Noon Holsters

Hillsman Holster Company

Hoffners Custom Leather Holsters

Holster-Connection Your one stop shop for Holsters and Accessories!

Holsters for Handguns, Firearms and Concealment at

Hersey 4-Way Holster Home Page

Jagwear Concealment Holsters and Purses - We don't do pretty. We do practical.

K&D Holsters | Custom Gun Leather and Shooting Accessories

Kirkpatrick Leather Holsters - Concealment Holsters, Western Holsters, Duty Holsters, 1911 Holsters, Concealment Holsters and More.

K.L. Null Holsters Home Page

Kramer Handgun Leather - Revolver holsters, concealment holsters, paddle holster, 1911 holster, ankle holster

Raleigh NC Managed Hosting Specialists :: Dedicated Servers and Co-location Tranquil Hosting

Lightning Arms Sports

Mach 2 Tactical LLC.

Master of Concealement - Your Source for the Best in Concealment Holsters, Concealment Clothing, and Concealed Carry Products


Milt Sparks Holsters

mitch rosen gunleather


Packin' Heat Leather

Pocket Holsters

Self Defense Pepper Spray and Concealment Holsters

Holster for people you know Quality

Rig Rate - Holster Search, Ratings, and Reviews

Welcome to our online store

Leather holsters, belts and accessories range

Gun Holsters and Concealment Holsters by Elite

Gun holsters concealed by SmartCarry concealed holsters

Welcome to "Your Silent Partner." Silent Partner Gun Holsters

Sunrise Leather,quality handcrafted leather police equipment

SURVIVAL SHEATH SYSTEMS : Kydex Shoulder and Chest Holsters

Range5 Home Page

Tauris Holsters, L.L.C. - Custom Leather

Gun Belts by The Belt Man

The Wildernessâ„¢ - Wilderness Tactical Products, LLC | Home of the Titanium Instructor Beltâ„¢

Welcome to Threat Solutions Consulting / TSC Holsters

Tucker Gunleather

Uncle Mikes - The Leader in Shooting Accessories

Home Page UnderCoverComfort Performance Apparels

Galco holsters; Holsters; Gun holster, pistol holsters, western holsters, shoulder holsters, leather holster and Glock holsters

Wild Bill's Concealment Holsters

Cunningham Custom Holsters - home

Leather & Nylon Holster - The One Holster That Does It All!

5 Shot Leather, LLC - Home 5shotleather

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George - what can I say - CC is gifted to have a librarian of your abilities on board. :smilez:

Thanks a lot for doing that - it was a bit late when I posted and I confess I was too lazy to do it then - tho I do have a sense of orderliness usually.

That now has to be pretty much the definitive list. Thanks again

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Yes I think we can do a sticky of that for now - I will try and copy this and place it on one of my own sites for ref later.

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Well - George sure did a great job alphabetising the list as well as adding more. It is an awesome selection.

I am all but finished building the page for this - bit tedious and time consuming but, good to have everything all together for ref' purposes. Bumper will have my link soon for his approval then hopefully he can find a spot to place it.

I think most links on the page are OK but could be one or two over time turn out to be a problem - hopefully feedback on that will help. Plus (tho hard to believe) - might even be one or two to add later!

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Dang Bud - yes I guess that too should be in - oh my - some shuffling to do again!

I'll get to that soon as I can. Here is the Current List I have just uploaded for now.

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I added it to the blue header navigation line for you all. Of course I don't need it, I already have a "holster guy".... :wink:

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I received even more extra yet! Thx to Capt Crunch.

Decided to avoid premature shuffles slotting in extras - and add a temp' holding area at bottom of page - then update main list later.

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dr_cmg has again come up trumps and we have more!!!

The web page is updated now to 119 total!!! Again tho for now, the extras are in a lower table on the page.

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That's a great list,

Would there be a way for us to assemble a list of training courses also?

Just a thought.

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If person or persons will research all available links on the training options available - I will make up a page and host it, similar to my holster links page..

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krang - the holster list page I did was based on your initial post and one from THR - maybe same list :wink: Just forget which came first.

Once started several folks added more - most of all dr_cmg and so we finish up now with the holster links page containing about 133 total!!!
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