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Merry Christmas everyone, thanks for your support.
Here are my 3 wishes for Christmas:
I wish we will have time and some cash to go find something good to eat for Christmas breakfast, lunch or dinner!
Its time to break bread and rekindle, or to create, friendships.
I wish you have a chance to "bear hug" as many family and friends you can catch..Lol
I wish everyone makes the point of wishing strangers a very Merry Christmas.

This piece of advise applies to me and perhaps some of you as well:
Bite your tongue if you feel the need to say something mean and stupid...
Say instead:
More bread?...
More wine?...
How are the kids?.....
Can you excuse me for a moment?..
Then go out and kick a tree or a tire! Everyone will thank you for that.
Because a man is counted among the wise, if he can keep his mouth shut...Ha, ha!
Be safe and since this thread is sponsored by the wonderful product Glow-On...Here are a few pictures:


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Guess you could paint that stuff on anything and find it in the some ideas..........Yowza !!!!!
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