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Merry Xmas to me :)

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I got the belt, holster and light this year...

...And gift certificates for training.
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I've only been wearing it around the house because my CCW isn't here yet. It's much more comfortable than I thought it would be. The solid belt really makes the weight of the loaded gun disappear. I'm still figuring out how I might want to adjust the cant/depth.
Nice pic :smile:

Now for a happy new year!
nice, how about a full range report of holster when you have used it a while?
Nice pics, and nice gifts! :banana:
Good holster choice, I love my CTAC. I wound up sanding down the leftover material on the inside of the belt clips once I decided on which holes I would use, they dug into my thigh a bit. The adjustable tension on the holster is great, fit is perfect. I also have a FBI paddle holster from Comp-Tac. Good stuff, fast shipping...
Nice holster, it's always nice to get yourself something every once in a while. I have also thought of sanding down the rest of the clips, but I keep changing my holster around. Jeans are different when compared to dress pants, basically I just need to get a holster for another gun and spend a 10 dollars to get some more clips.
Dingle1911 said:
it's always nice to get yourself something every once in a while.

My wife got it all for me...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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