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Metal Eating Termites

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Meanwhile it looks like this cut~away Colt pistol is actually a still working model since the frame is serial numbered.
Even though it's all eaten by termites...except for maybe the magazine...looks like it could just be a Holy Shooter. Whoops! would need a new barrel.
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QK?? Now where the heck did you get that?? :biggrin: REALLY NICE ADDITION to your collection!! You done good there Pardner :thumbsup: I'd LOVE to find one of those !!
Just hope the "termites" don't eat through your other guns LOL <JK> :thumbsup:
Love it! As an engineer I have always greatly enjoyed good ''cut-aways'' ...... bit like taking off some clothes and seing the underwear LOL! :biggrin:
Now, that's cool. I bet it was a display gun for the SHOT show or a display for gun stores...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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